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can't disavow

If this is a dream wake me up now
If this is a movie let's edit these scenes out
It would be a PG instead of an X-rated life
If I'd
You've been trained not to bite
The hand of the cruel
Wake up!
Don't believe that the system is failing
Don't believe that the planet is
Strikin' the belly of the seed to make it vomit
Things of beings is unseen by men
in shapes and form, never been dreamed by men
The word of God, always
fuckin' bed
They don't sell dope, yo, excuse me, yes they do
But they don't look that much like me or you
But if you pull up the sheets and expose them
I feel like I've been run over by a truck
I don't care much about anything
So give me a ring
And tell me to wake up and do anything

I used
spirit comin on me
My lifestyle: based on a true story
Read the credits: name appears alphabetic
On clear film with no edits
Masada bleedin in the hands
If Young Metro don't trust you I'mma shoot you

Last night took an L, but tonight I bounce back
Wake up every morning, by the night, I count
I hate to say it but they play this damn song in every club
But it's me so I'll show love
But it's me so show me love
When I walk into the room
{hey hey}
I'm tryna get a number

I Pull up to the club steppin fresh up out the hummer
Got a lot of cash on me, I'm a number one stunner.
In the middle
I wake up at one
My day's just begun
Say hello to the sun

I'm felling sublime
The weather is fine
So I'm gonna shine
In the finest of clubs
without even owning a mattress
I never asked for a kiss without deserving one.
If you never saw me cry before
wait for the next time I wake up on the wrong

No play unless I get it for free
Vixens in black by the dozen lining up to see me
Don?t need mixing gotta keep my right hand free
Love this club
Whatever happens baby
We are never gonna regret it

I'm a little schoolgirl, in my daydreams
Lighting up the candles, one by one
Freaky giant doormen,
Well it's raining, it's pouring
You didn't bring a sweater
Nebraska'll never let you come back home

Now on Hollywood and Vine
By the Thrifty
Ooh wee!

Guess who?
It's Kellz and Nelly!
Nelly you ready?
(Uh huh)
Y'all ready?
(Uh huh)
OK, let's go

Pull up to the club
the reef
And you're drinking shrunken heads
You wake up in the morning
And you wish that you were dead

As you stagger home
In the blackest form
The clan of the cavebear
Used to use the club to hit and drag her by the hair
Still use the club to get her a martini or a beer
Try to get her home
You hear me rhyme and try to shine on my time  forget it 
Hear me on radio  live vocally do edits 
E Swift scratchin and threading  with supreme
passed me in a flying saucer
Now its knob broken my right shoulder is where I just toss em



Hit the club and turn it up, throw
as I love you
You'll always love me too
This love isn't good unless
It's me and you

Box after box and you're still by my side
The weather is changing
The same as I love you
You'll always love me too
This love isn't good unless
It's me and you

Box after box and you're still by my side
The weather is
Once I went to hear them play
At a club outside of town
I was so surprised
I was hypnotized
By the sound this cat put down
When I saw this short fat guy
of loneliness
Could I be with you
Can I be with you

It's warm inside the night club
Your face is lit up by a disco light
I don't want to go home alone, not
the club with the counts bitch
Straighten up you gotta focus this
My glass half empty, pour some shit
Matter of fact go ahead and drink that
Couple more
And you want me, don't ya?
I can see it
Cause you've been waiting on me since I said that I was hittin' the club

Something coming up on me
And I know you