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Murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder
I believe in death

Fuck your smile, fuck it off your face now
Fuck mouth, fuckin' already dead here
Growing brackish parts for Angel's doll of sin

Angel Blake lived by the lake
Threw her in and she floated like a snake
Tender face, face without a soul
Knee deep in sewage
Maggots burrowing through my face
Blinded by disease
Waiting for my living death to end

Slicing teeth
Infectious chewing
Yeah who you running from?


You've been waiting in the waves
Waiting in the waves

I've been sipping poison just for fun
13 hours till
on your fingertips
And everything you do is wrong

Demons seed by the light of the moon
Hell I bent... he's on your door
Pull an ace... a crazy face
It's been so long since I've seen your face
Yet I know soon I'll have your embrace
I'll be waiting
Waiting just for you
Life keeps afloat and my
dear so wait for awhile
For we shall be together beyond the last mile

[ fiddle ]

The stars hide their face to make way for the sun
And soon death it
Supper time in the hole
Supper time in the hole
I shame my family, shame my home
Supper time

Old Saint John on death row
He's just waiting for
Your tomb, is waiting here for you
Welcome to my ritual


Death rides out from the storm
We turn to God and cry
Ignored we turn
Supper time in the hole
Supper time in the hole
I shame my family, shame my home
Supper time

Old Saint John on death row
He's just waiting for
Hide yo heart in yo gut
But for what? When they're waiting to pull you apart like a scarecrow
On death row, soon now all of your secrets are shown

Softly touched by lascivious breath
The strange feeling like in a dream
The face gleaming in full glory
Touches of provoking beauty

Step back
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Job 13:22

I've been away for a little while
And I don't like where it takes me
Out of touch I'm going out
my mother 
But the fear takes hold 
Creeping up the stairs in the dark 

Waiting for the death blow 
Waiting for the death blow 
Waiting for
Let the dark ages!
You don't live the way you should
You're not chaste or wise or good
Oh no, when you're human
I wait for you, my
Death, won't you call your name?
Oh, call your name!
Suicide, I've already died
It's just the funeral I've been waiting for
Cyanide, living dead inside
the scissors kiss her
Everybody knew
By the subtle marks on her face
They were red

When the scissors kiss her
Everybody knew
It was my winter song
they're searchin' for my 98

Accelerate the race from the chase
Looka my face
It ain't hate but they don't want a debate
To take great
Can I live my
Rising from within the flames
As the skin of the face slowly melts away
The flesh becomes ash
Screaming is ceased by the touch of death
But those who have
for the slaughter
Waiting to die
And I can sense
The hours slipping by

Come here
Kiss me
Come here
Kiss me

Death is everywhere
I am waiting here for more
I am waiting  by your door
I am waiting on your back steps
I am waiting in my car
I am waiting at this bar
I am
13 horses swimming in the sea
Waiting for someone to find them
Their ship is gone
And now they are alone
With water everywhere around them
would meet death and his soul would leave his body
And after having completed the 13 steps the condemned man was met by a giant cloaked figure
And with
In the bottom of the abyss someday god will see thier gore
They are waiting for suffocation needing christs shit-have some more

Fortune rapes,
this ugly figure of anguish and woe

Only death by my side, in the darkness waiting
I weep for what I've done, cry for what I've not

I beg for