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Caroline, I see you 
Standing on the stairway, 
Waiting for your bear there.
Handy on the landing, 
Penny in my pocket, 
High enough to hold
on my mind
But that's a song for another time

So before we're singing I will always love you
Let's sing

Brown eyed girl sweet Caroline
Free fall
you will never ever die we bid everything sail away to the by sweet and by
[ steel - harmonica ]
Those two brown eyes that sparkle with love came down
Let the wheels run dry 
Sitting here, waiting for the sun
Little darling, for you to come
By the light of the moon flashing by
Black on the night,
Performed by adam sandler and jon

Contributed by chris durkin

Adam: and the now the excited southerner orders a meal at his favorite
someone like me,
Who'll love you endlessly.

Baby, your headed for a brand new heartache, 
Don't go out with him.
The fire
so the dogs can't smell 'em c'mon

Brown paper bag (thank god for that)
Brown paper bag (yo Khaled I'm so focused homie I can see clearly now you
sweetheart dressed like she used to be
Waiting for someone by the garden gate I know that someone is me
Big brown eyes ruby lips can't you tell it's Mary
wanna talk money?
Shit real that's all I could tell 'em
Just rap 'em up good so the dogs can't smell 'em c'mon

Brown paper bag (thank god for that)
she was married to a tall boy
In glasses, and she had to wear a polo-neck for three days afterwards to cover up the
Love-bite on her neck. by now
everyone, Mark here. I'm going to play a bit of bass for you now.

Hello, this is Chris, Happy Christmas

Hi, Lee Kix here, filling your stocking
I play
the line, goin' down the line.
Beat it on down the line.

Yes and I'll be waiting at the station, Lord, when that train
Pulls on by,
I'm a'goin' back
Brown eyes will you wait for me to follow?
I'm used to letting everybody down
I've seen your face in our shadow
Does it look as pretty in the light
And there's a rain cloud passing over our heads
And there's a cat on the doorstep waiting to be fed
Milk and bread
Day is done and now it's time for bed
You're the one I've been waiting for
Take me down to the sandy shore
Summer love would be good for me
If you would be my summer love.

ultimate diss.


So I'm here at Harper's Ferry, waiting for a sign
To communicate with John Brown, through his mind.
And I'm focusing on his
Who's been waiting round for ever for his mother fuckin' day to come

Mr drug dealer

What an environment to raise a kid
Round crack dealers,
We come together
Though as one
I'm waiting for you
To be the one

We come together
In this place
Something surrounds me
So powerful

And when we
clutched tightly in his hand
Little boy soldier, little boy soldier waiting for his dad

The night wears on and his big brown eyes grow sleepy
He can't
wanna talk money?
Shit real that's all I could tell 'em
Just rap 'em up good so the dogs can't smell 'em c'mon

Brown paper bag (thank god for that)
your homes.
Side by side we wait the might
Of the darkest of them all.
I hear the horses' thunder
Down in the valley blow,
I'm waiting for
reverse, the sharpening wing of the edge of a sparrow, for suitable reckonings too numerous to mention, as the queen is fat she is devoured by rats there is
like condensation, water
I'm a mixture between Chris Brown
And Chris Jericho, where's your daughter?
I'm more than y'all can handle
At the Grammy's
Waiting for the moment that we hoped would never end
And I came to you for comfort but it never stopped the pain
I remember we were smiling as our bodies
The darkest of them all

I hear the horses' thunder
Down in the valley below
I'm waiting for the angels of Avalon
Waiting for the eastern glow