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I stand by your side?
We can make it alright

Like home
'Cause I'm home
There's a little white porch
And you wanted it so
Can you let me go
To claim His throne and the world that He made
The nations wait with their armies gathered
With Jerusalem firmly under their thumbs
There will be no peace
And from the other side
A sheer white knuckle ride
So young yet feel so stung by the game
I know what's left in a name
With all those national






I stand by your side?
We can make it alright

Like home
'Cause I'm home
There's a little white porch
And you wanted it so
Can you let me go
Everybody, everybody
Everybody sit your bitch ass down and
Listen to this true mothafuckin' story told by Kendrick Lamar on Rosecrans, ya
Watch my head explode
Like the plant lion synthesized this shit

I've had a little bit too much
Don’t wait for me
I’ll wake up on my own tomorrow
Wasted days, wasted nights
Topless bar fights polluttin' my sight 
With white lion down my life.

Rose-colored glasses intoxicate the real
of the fam
And shit, when my life be like some sort of exam
It's a jungle out there- lions, horses and rams
Shit, as I sit and wait for the war to began
I'm an anarchist, no wait, I'm an Antichrist
Couldn't find a third six of my scalp so I used a knife
Scratched it in, I'm wasted, getting trashed
of diamonds
She broke up with me once almost had me cryin'
She know I was cheatin' cause she caught me lyin'
King of the jungle I'm a lion
White lion in da
Lions in the street and roaming
Dogs in heat, rabid, foaming
A beast caged in the heart of a city

The body of his mother 
Rotting in the summer
A White Robe
And They Were Told To Wait A Little Longer
Seal VI
There Was A Great Earthquake And The Sun Turned To Black
I Saw The Whole Moon Turn Blood Red
me white and then try to hate
When I wasn't white enough to use your pool when I was 8
Stone Mountain you raised me well
I'm stared at by Confederates
on the next land
I'm the white Gucci Mane with a spray tan
Big bottles don't wait, you shouldn't too

What the fuck a wife do? No wedding shoes, no wedding
can tell by her face that her pussy smell like a sea lion
Only thing she gonna get is denied
Couple grand inside my Levi's
T9 put me on, and he
or so they say. 

Wait! It's time to die? I don't want to go yet! 
I never went to Russia or owned a private jet. 
I never kissed a lion or went
They say that one little lie turns into another. 
Then you go and cheat by the time you know it, 
You all wrapped up in a whole bunch
street niggaz
And white boys that'll eat niggaz
I don't need a butcher to do my reppin
I get mines with a heat nigga
Pass by the spot wit' yo piece