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Wibble Wabble (Self Evident)

will not 
wabble I and I 
a V.I.P international 
And now they putting 
Rasta on the air 
Before that they used 
live in fear 

What a joy to hear
look out y'all 

[Violent J and Shaggy: ]
Wibble Wabble Bumble Boo, I'm Violent J, nice to meet you, hop and jump the cherry pump, (Cherry syrup
J:] Man, look out y'all 

[Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope:]
Wibble wabble bumble boo, i'm Violent J nice to meet you, hop and jump thy cherry pump,

Little miss muffett on a squat by me,
Can ya see the little string danglin' down
Makes the legs go wabble an' the mouth flop shut
An' the horrible
To go against where do the hell do you represent?
Shaolin, Killa Hill residence, nigga
I go wabble on ya ass, and burn muthafuckas up just like