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new one form Tracy Chapman

My man Paris with a brand new album
Yossour N Dour, Black Uhuru, Living Color, Vinx, Foley
Chaka Kahn, Follow 4 Now, KRS One
of irascible tempest by terror

It forms a vision/it forms a vision/it forms a vision in me

Ride through the mist of misery
Row through the silent abode
Paint out their pain in black and white
The pleasure of someone else's pain
The suffering of thousands created by my sinister hand
Thoughts made real
in my abdomen
Camouflage fatigues, and daishikis
Somewhere in between N.W.A. and P.E.
I'm black like Steve Biko
Raised in the ghetto by the people
Paint out their pain in black and white
The pleasure of someone else's pain
The suffering of thousands created by my sinister hand
Thoughts made real
Going to die, A black death
Come to see, The candle mass
Torture here around the flames
A real vision of your dreams
Whisper an evil chant

Beast inside wrathed embruonic breathe
The Vision's clear but you can't fucking see
Reverence raped curse this feeble being
I'm above but
of your mortality

Touched by the cold
The elder among the old

A touch of the black
Opening of the eyes

A vision of clarity
Cold infinity
Or am I stupid just by design
Does it matter if you really ever know
This black dog is out of control

My mouth is so dry
My eyes are shut tight
bold in it's disguise - this be the fate of mankind
A greater cosmic vision - let the fires roar!
The astral bewitchment is at hand
The planetary black
A thousand whorish tongues
A fiendish lust a hollow trust
In black death salute the visions

Mayhem of living infected blood
In this dark
So dark so black is night around
By nocturnal deed cross the bound
Flame burning bright in the candle
Magic fills air - creates atmosphere
The house is haunted
By the echo of your last goodbye
The house is haunted
By the memories that refuse to die
I can't get away from the vision
Close your eyes
Can you hear me in the dark
I see angels in black
Visions of fire
Visions of pain
Whipped by the past
And you bleeding inside!
The answer includes a question

I experience things in it's entirety
Not as one after another
This vision is possessed by autumn
Return my
I'm looking at a funeral wagon rolling down
A two-lane highway winding past a desert town
A big blue canvas painted by the Master's hand
Rise to claim Saturn, ring and sky
By those who see with their eyes close
They know me by my black telescope

Your green tree mantle from which
Yo, I had a dream that one day
One million men stood strong and we called it
Black Monday
Black Monday
Black Monday
Black, Black Monday
frozen clouds
Centuries of doom reigned by the Goathrone of desire

Raised by sorcery to the Holocaust sky
North black hordes storms
Through invisible
tears my flesh
Demonic beasts call my name
One with the night, stars by my side
I hunt for visions so black

With wings on a track and stars by my side
A vision comes true
A dead man that returns
A mythic horse pronounces him
As an emperor returned
Followed by black moves
Contrast the white horse
Arm in arm gazing into diamond light
The pitch-black night is crowded with stars
Hand in hand climbing up the highest hill
To get the bird's-eye
notice the passers-by 
And they did not notice me 

I've been in every black hole 
At the altar of the dark star 
My body's now a begging bowl
my vision
Black cats,black cats
An evil omen, Black cats

Stumbling through the streets at night
I was overcome again by this bothersome plague
a Lizard by the throat

Gone soon Piepowder's moss-weed court
Round which upholstered Lizards sold
Visions to their leaden flock
Of rainbows' ends