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Girl ya makin' me want to
If you like, we can change the scene
And go somewhere with me
Ya body's callin' me
You already know what I wanna do

at you when I walk by
You turn yo head, she wink her eye
I can't help if she checkin' for a platinum type of guy
She be callin' me daddy, and I be callin
And the beer’s still warm
All year ‘round can’t catch a buzz from the suds
And the tears they’re pourin’ down on me
Send me out to sea and take me to a place
dick in her life

Wanna say, had an ass, lick a dick in the lights
And I noticed she was checkin? me and diggin? the ice
And if I get that tonight
This is, what, something to define me baby
Runnin man, run quick, scissor sticks, spray out
Look into semantics man look into them closely
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