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a spanish chic my friends say
that loves head, salsa, merengue
mi favora con esta chocha
like Ricky Martin, livin la vida loca


I love
The hard-body is reverence, since the son of Byford
Brother of Fal, every rhyme's halal
Every line is kosher, livin' la vida loca
Shout out to Tony
my eyes vision blurry
Even though my eyes is closed a see visions of her
Uma siente mami in me coca
Estoy bien livin' la vida loca
Heart jumpin'
Mama m'a dit vas-y vis deviens un homme
Ne te fais pas absorber par cette vida loca
Elle m'a dit fais des sous et trouve toi une mignonne
Fais lui
like Jim Jones fly high
I don't want coca money
I want Opra money
Vida loca money
You can keep that poker money
Once they taste this
They hucked
I make my money man without the coca
Livin' the vida without the loca
I'm down south so they show me country love
And I ain't even country thug
the way I swang
See I be rollin' through this and my right hand man is Keemo
Un delinquent con el gloc en mi hand es mi Vida loca

I'm waistin' my potential
vida loca translates 
To livin' the rap life
And a wrong turn 
End a runaway truck can jacknife

Pay attention to the road 
As God watches and He
a mentirosa
Gov me livin' the vida loca in acapulco
With my pictures on the wall on a poster, a roller coaster
So I try to dance my life away to get it over
Maybe 'cause I'm ballin' like a young AI
Or maybe 'cause I'm ballin' like Jim Jones fly high

I don't want coca money
I want Opra money
Vida loca
a disco/nightclub in Helsinki
And they're playing La Vida Loca once again
And I can't believe I'm dancing to this crap but I'm a chance here
Yeah, every fucking city
vida loca
Where hoes sell prices on weed or coke-a
For the hustlers, for the customers, trust the buzz
It's have you makin' one of the sounds that
know who)
If it's me it's got to be
If it's me it's got to be
G-a-n-g-s-t-a (Y'all know who)

I'm still living la vida loca
Where hoes sell prices
way before Ricky Martin sung "Livin' La Vida Loca"
What hood you come from?
I was raised in Brooklyn, but did my studies in Jerusalem
The New Jerusalem
shoulder slang coca
20 g'z on my team Villanova
Blow marijuana in the sauna
While my niggas move dope on the corner
V-12 motor vida loca
Now your bitch
benvenidos, by popular demand
It's the most requested DJ from the east coast
Io canto, en el nombre del padre, hijio, e del el spirito santo
I'm half Indian,
and she pleasing my roja
She got the keys to my Porsche and my Rover
We in Miami livin' La Vida Loca, ayy

Girl, you got that ting, I know
You got
keep it money over bitches
Thugs known to bust on sight
God bless my crazy life la vida loca homie livin' that thug life
Been raised in violence
crazy life la vida loca homie livin' that thug life
Been raised in violence homicide's my lullaby
Came with the homies and learned to kick it until we
Prada, Gucci attire watch who's behind ya! Squalie

Yo we livin' the life of
Loca-vida, coke and cheever
Drive-by blow smoke on the policia
if's, no buts, no maybes

Seckle down gal, do the rocksteady
Mi put a smile on your face like its payday

La la la la vida loca
We speeding it up go
Esta Loca, tony toca
we been boning bitches in they mothafucking chocha
this is the audience, I'm the lyricist
sucks how this suckers in
on an accolade
Look pale, set sail man, Livin' La Vida Loca
He's giving her a kiss and then he's giving her coka
You don't know much but he knows how it chokes
like I'm feeling keep them hands up
And keep ya hands up

Hey, from the sunrise to the midnight star
I'm by far the hottest new thing the South seen
Encerclé de miroirs, tu deviens narcissique et perché
In love with the coco, la vida loca
T'arrives hétéro et repars déviergé
Combien sombrent