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One smile for love, one smile for hate
And one for both in ecstasy
One out of, one in our time

One smile for pleasure, one for pain
And one for both
Tell us the truth
We've got a right to know
Forty minutes into the air
Then came the final blow
Blown out of the sky
Blown out of the sky
270 victims
One two three go!

You can't be saved
You've gone and dug your grave
And its getting deeper by the minute
Well you had to turn your back
your youth in reformatories
Where you're hate grew day by day
Molested and subjugated
Satisfying them in their way

Victim of your drives
Looking through your window
Counting minutes into hours
Days drag on by
You're looking for a victim
In a sea of superstition
I'm drowning for
I take mine
'Fore we do you like a victim of a hate crime
Its DTP I know you seen me in the video
If I ain't rappin' then I'm scratchin' off
Rape of the soul 
Feel mighty now? 
For two hours she was your possession 
Your object of desire 

In your dirty arms 
Every minute under your
betray, myself!

I watch the hope I had disintegrate before my eyes
I take a minute and reflect on all your fucking lies
Behind the door, you have two
thousands seen early graves 
Victims of worldly ways, memories stays engraved 
All my live brothers, is locked down with high numbers 
The young hunger,
stop for a minute
I think about things I really don't wanna know
(So I guess I'm just a fiend, consumed by the scene)
And I'm the first to admit it
the hate by twos

All they left was the yellow tape in his shoes
It's real when the funeral wait to make the news
[Incomprehensible] so we six up on 'em
on, but there's way to get over

I'm idling on empty in my world alone
My fortune of misfortune got me ready to blow
Motioned by my hate and I'm
But then it will be me that will pay.

hate your state [3 1/x2]

The people: stupid and happy are set in their ways.
Content as their lives grow
concealing lies
A tragedy brewing in his disguise
Changing issues changing lies his victims are becoming easier to find
Now I see love and hate want
And need
All - I have to do is
Stop - your f***ing nonsense

I can't betray!
I can't betray - myself!

I stand before you as a victim, as the system
that's unheard of
You betta watch how ya talking
And where ya walking
Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk
I really hate to trip but I gotta loc
of chaos
Death the only escape
For your crimes against humanity
You will be judged by vengeance

There's two men I trust in this world
One is me the other is
Dialogue: Picture this where it all started was back in Boston, Mass. Some time ago (believe that) and by reopening the doors to all youth a little
[Chorus: Swizz Beatz]
Hes phony hes fake that's the type of people hate hey hey hey jada jada! [Repeat: x2] 
If your real and you no it clap your
crucified my hate and held the word within my hand
There's you, the time, the logic, or the reasons we don't understand

Sad courage claimed the victims
was soaking wet 
A light bulb in my sleep 
Went off in my head 

Two places at one time 
Can't be done by mankind 
I hate to say I'm feeling
was soaking wet 
A light bulb in my sleep 
Went off in my head 

Two places at one time 
Can't be done by mankind 
I hate to say I'm feeling
And Tunechi's gon' find someone to love
And you go by yourself, so all alone

One minute she love me,
The next minute she hate me
That's two minutes
and victim of it all ?


You won't see the face 'til the eyelids drop
You won't hear the screaming until it stops
clothes, you got no friends
You once was the neighborhood boss and hog
And no G livin' legend like walkin' dogs
Niggaz hate to admit it, but they know it's