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You're caught in a vicious circle
Surrounded by your so called friends
You're caught in a vicious circle
And it looks like it will never end
those who question

A vicious circle of passive acceptance
Passive acceptance of a vicious circle

Prevention by convention of infantile dissention
Duplicitous chastity preserved for rape

As my vicious circle comes around again
Pirouetting like a fan dancer

Choreographed into the desire
the circle beware
In the middle of the circle you're all alone
Look for familiar faces none are around
Locked in a circle surrounded by lines
The point
we trust! 
In us, we trust! 

There's no way out.
There's no escape
From the vicious circle
We embrace.

There's no way out.
There's no escape
A vicious circle of lies. 
Hell repossessed. 
I've been burnt by the fires within. 
Escaping this downward spiral. 
Free to breathe again.
of us will go unscathed
By private battles we have braved
A vicious circle we have built
Constructed from our shame and guilt

The flags we wave
by no one
Over time accelerated
A vicious circle we have perpetuated
We will die before we wake

We'll never know it's too late
This graveyard
left is dead bodies for the flies

Diseased machinery, blinded masses
Still upholding the cruel and insane 
A vicious circle clouds their minds
The earth was gone and I was on
A vicious circle then

After I'd gone and let myself surrender
I didn't want to die at all
I thought I'd live forever

progressive entrapment. 
Follow the vicious circle, all life denied. 
Your presence was progressive entrapment. 

Flowing like a river of greed, 
Economic interests, religion, patriotism and fucking greed
Day by day help to make the battlefields turn red
A vicious circle with no winners just
Pride, and the drive that started the dream,
Turned, in time, to an endless obsession.
Caught in a vicious circle of compulsion.
Possessed by the goal
it, I wonder
Vicious circle entangled and trapped
Caught and bound by temptation
So ashamed of running free
Sweet embrace, captivation
Carnal truth
hearts are crying
Waiting for the end
In this condition they are dying
Newborns of the damned
Preserved in test tubes for generations
Vicious circle
To form a vicious circle
Till end of time
After action, knife in hand
Still not able to understand
It's bleeding over

Creator of the most
Vicious circles of all
Religious madness
the vicious circle
He loaded and cocked his .45
But Johnny wasn't crazy
He was just a frightened boy
How many Johnnys must there be?
Oh Johnny,
How I
Pride and the drive that started the dream
Turned in time to an endless obsession
Caught in a vicious circle of compulsion
Possessed by the goal
a vicious circle

Spiritual abolishment of the forces of nature
Loyalty, disorder, ethereal dimensions

Walking the edges of middleness
On these plans where
Preserved in test tubes for generations
Vicious circle of transmission
There's no way for reparations
Must live with chemical agent called

Agent Orange
in regression
Vicious circles close
Upon a world of chaos
Lack of time will take its' toll
Sadistic bondage of mankind
Under the whip - a hatred blind
join the vicious circle
Of instinct fear bred from their parents' minds

The Lord God said love thy neighbor
Break the circle, free the hater, call
It's a very vicious circle
Goin' round and round and round
And he watches from the fantail
As the mainland disappears
Just like the Flying
have been dismissed
It starts in vicious circles and then it filters down
From governments to local gangs
Confrontation all around
State of panic we