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make me shine
Time keeps rolling by

All around the world, you've gotta spread the word
Tell 'em what you've heard
You're gonna make a better day
I can see in your eyes
That you're tired of the talk
You're tired of the lies
Every time you let a day pass you by
A part of you dies
day, this note was all she left.
"Right now you don't see,
"But you're just like me."
"A river of stone, wild and lonely.
"Can you show me, what lies
a renegade, a rambler
I've squandered all I've owned
A bonified runaway, I'm a gambler
Can't count the lies I've told
And I need redemption, how 'bout
parts of my soul beneath
All the lies that covered me

We're tied right to the only love that holds this place
We've waited here for you, we've laid

Give me the days we had
And make 'em last forever
And I will cry for you
If you will cry for me

I've met eternity
Brother insanity

They're out there hanging
Posters of Jesus.
On my block they've covered
Every wall. Well I suppose
We could all use a Savior.
So I told em
can save me

I'll be broken by the day
When water get's so high
I can't breathe air now
Take it all away and leave me bleeding

All this time has been
needed to write as we're kept out of sight, well no more
In a few hours by dawns early light we'll be ready to fight us a war
This time we're in it
kill em first
I'm not fuckin around
I'll cut that fucker down

Hit em back

One by one the sheep start to realize
Two by two we expose this world
I'm gonna be OK
Words of wisdom spoken by the light of day

But when the sun goes down
And the moon is high
Your memory pulls me under like
show the way
I'd try to be hip for one day
And gone tomorrow
You build me up and tear me down
You change the things I say around
You're telling lies
cold just a foot note in history book full of lies you such a good girl keep smiling make 'em happy all is well in the land of make believe as soon
know that you do
Baby I've had enough lies to last the rest of my days on earth
So now you're gonna get what you deserve

I don't need your dirty
know that you do
Baby I've had enough lies to last the rest of my days on earth
So now you're gonna get what you deserve

I don't need your dirty
Then they go on by pickin' up a little bit of speed.
Clickity clack

Yonder lies a steel-drivin' man lord lord
Yonder lies a steel-drivin' man

By telling lies 
And it makes you high 
To see me low 
I've had to watch your self-confidence grow 
Every time that you pull your love away
a concept that everybody know
It's all about the money and shows so here we go

I've been official from day 1 I'm stacking my bank son
I make
I order fries
Inspiration when I write, I see my daughter's eyes
I'm the truth, across the table from corporate lies
Immortalized by the realness I
the lies, 
Don't believe the lies, Don't believe...

The more I learn about your game the less I wish to be involved with you another day,

Get out of my
strikes law?
Didn't see 'em at the Million Man March,
Or the three hundred and fifty-thousand
Man march, let your daddy tell it.
There's a lotta lies
to die
Believe in all their lies
But I see it in their eyes
They're just as evil as this planet

Shit blood, spit with the wicked
Never in the mood
who show and force you to bow
I've done no wrong but to ask my brain
To be free from pain built up by those who reign

A mind in disguise
So wassup?  You know we can't be havin that
Son there's rules you're supposed to go by, and this is my habitat
You say you're R-E-P-R-E,
make'em,make a rule I'll defy it
Critics may say I'm wise,some may call my words lies
I've lived more in one day than they will in their lives
But most do