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my shoes
Beneath all this envy green
I'm varsity blue
Varsity blue

I try to shake my daily routine
I gotta escape from their watchful eyes
Give her the blues 
She got herself a varsity letter by loving you 

Breach and clear the abandoned back seat of the Cadillac 
We've been altered by
to the store
On the early mornin' tip some time 'round four
I was standing by the magazines readin' a Maxim
When I heard a familiar voice to the the counter dude
Whussup Murs
Ah nothing man you know just doing a little underground shit 
whatever you know selling these tapes broke ass fuck  
I'm the Hansel to your Gretel, you's a dame, understood
Overstand hoe ass nigga from my hood, I'm embarrassed
By the lack of class, sat in the back
Left me standin' here
On this lonely street to cry

This is a Living Legends, Justice League
Definitive Jux production
Brought to you by 9th
millennium is at your service 

Flow the plaque, instigate lyrics then backfile another MC 

who thought cause he was dipped in powder blue that he could
Though the undisputed origin has yet to be formed
It all used to boil down to the red and the blue
But that got fucked up as the many led the few
And not the inside
Ya got to analyze what's right in front of your eyes!!!


Got tricked by the smoke and the screen it seems
Hollywood ain't