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[Originally performed by The Dwarves]

Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man

Satan is a friend of mine
Satan is a friend of mine
We lurk for
Once up on a time a man was attacked by a vampire bird
He was sucked to death
The vampire bird killed him at last

Vampire bat
Vampire bat
will share

There's only one way you can stop him
You gotta trace the vampire to his lair, oh yeah
And then you gotta drive a stake
Right through
Return of the vampire

Leaving his liar
Sucking your blood through your veins
There's only one way you can stop him
You gotta trace
gonna eat my brain

It feels so good to be afraid
Vincent Price is back again

The heart pumping now, the music sound of time
The vampire’s dying,
the highway
I hold my head and know the streets are mine tonight

The vampires are growing tired
The coats of white all turn to red
My heart burns with
To suck it from your veins 


I suck your blood 
I rip your heart out 
I eat your soul 
I leave your corpse 
To be rotten 
To be
Hold me
Like you held on to life
When all fears came alive and entombed me
Love me
Like you love the sun
Scorching the blood in my vampire heart

I'll be
Eye on the TV
'Cause tragedy thrills me
Whatever flavor it happens to be like
Killed by the husband
Drowned by the ocean
Shot by his own son
There's something strange about this babysitter
She called the blood bank and asked if they deliver
She walks by the mirror, but I don't see her
Darling I'm lost
Adrift in the dark
I'm clutching your words
To my vampire heart once more

So let in the light
Turn me to dust
If it don't
on fire
Recognize the immortal ghetto vampire

Running from the sun by day it's become quite obvious
To the people surrounding me I'm the wildest
Seconds from pajamas I must
First open all the doors and the windows
And invite the vampire in to be one of us.

Then, in the guise of cool air,
Paralyse the actions of the weak
Force fed propaganda preying on the meek
Individuals resisting defeat
Manipulate the colonies, infected by their
choice you can stay on that cross
Or grab it by the arms and break 'em off

The wheels are stopped done so let me off
Deal the cards but
shining like eyes

Shooting the breeze as the clouds roll by
A face in the rain and a voice in the sky
Showering wisdom like newly formed pearls
see him!
The gods are nothing more than Vampires
Who are fed by the fantasy of the chosen ones
Each time a cypress bows by the winds blow
The mind
They built an empire
On the Hollywood vampire
Then they drained his blood
They let him die

Glamor turns to history
Fame and fortune now

Di cripple a go walk, di mute a go talk, di dope a go smart, disrupted by di shacks
Vampire and mosquitoes shall face di judgment so puss dem
He’s been taking the acid
And hooked into the light
Pondering radio fillings
And arcane satellites
Vampires take what they want of him
the vampires who call themselves fans 
Were never able to understand 
He was just an enemy of the system 

Wow ho enemy of the system... 

Years go by
brother bit by a vampire!
For a year we caught his tears in a cup.
And now we're gonna make him drink it.
Come on Alex don't die or dry up!

Our mother
heart, and now the start
Of his unknitting began to take

Vain glorious, a Lord, devout?
He thought his soul exempt
From guilt and doubt, there's no
hurts my heart to see a young man fall
Hurt me to my bones
To see him high in the morning and by evenin'
See him gone
To see him high in the morning
the church
Sleep on the floor
You point the juiciest necks
Out to all the vampires
But lurking in the dark
You might get bit by spiders