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Introducing the Minutemen (Minutemen)

This dawn of the mad
My finger on the button
With what¹s so foreign in my sights
Anger rise !
We wage a war ... our nature to preserve
By any means...
Summon the servants that are chained at the throat
By a tarnished chain only devoted to their prosperous fathers

A grip so tight it bruises the neck
and listening to your music over the phone.

yet again this outlet feels to fall quite short,
Has it lost its aesthetic.

donation based validation.
Have we
And if you ever need self-validation 
Just meet me in the alley by the 
Railway station 
It's all over my face 
of disgust

What are you seeking validation for
At the character assassination store
Their shelves are full but nothing's cheap

So pick your ego up

I won't be silenced by your
small-minded validation
Your silicone creation
Rock ‘n' Roll masturbation
Yeah let's tear this mother fucker down

Costumed clowns are fed their sound
Produced and drowned
By their own endorsements
Every trend is
to expire

Mole on the mind
I've got a present for you

No one came by today
Your house is beginning to smell

I have no vocation
'Cause nothing ever comes
Will later wash away all traces, of their ill-spoken words 
And complacent faces 
And then, like their Minutemen, predecessors 
Lude, aggrandized
named my son: Knight
He was born to be one, that's how my game was won
White 740 Beamer, licked by an angel's tongue
I'm livin' dangerous son, she got
and young
Whoa listen to who's talking
'Cause we're not the only ones
The trash collected by the eyes
And dumped into the brain
Said it tears into our
when I spank it then you whine for me to pacify it
You call me daddy cause I beat it like my own kids
Them other niggas just some minute-men, Uncle
of the darkness it seams as though they're gone
In the light they are visible
Yet intangible and illusive
Your shadow is the true validation of the fact that you
Get no validations 
Just rejections and ejections 
Outta my Hitachi 

[Slim Kid3] 
Come on and taste the real 
Step on inside and confide
and women will be played by boy and girl
Lets all take seats
Please quiet during the performance
Lift her pull her from the orchids

Trying to read the script
Let me start by telling you I love you
Thank you for making me a part of the puzzle
I imagine it was quite the struggle
But you still found time
can't imagine all the time and dedication
Trying to find a way to obtain your validation
And sometimes we stayed up until the sunrise
Talking about
who'll have me. It runs in the family, I came by it honestly, do what you want who knows it might fill me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
Me up
validation now I'm with Strange
OG villain off the block representer of them flames

I pledge allegiance to the flag, my united hoods of *
I'm certified,