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(a. williams, v. rice)
Vapac music (bmi)

wanna talk to you
All the clever people wanna tell you
All the little people wanna dance its true

So its us v. them
Over and over again
Us v. them
I killed Sara V.
Rest in peace. We loved her dearly.
I woke up, and there was she,
Standing low and limp before me.
And I reached to find
I. L'isolement
II. L'appel
III. La rencontre
IV. L'union
V. Le grand bal
(A. Bell / V. Clarke)

You got my heart, it must be true.
You never lie the way I do. (repeat 7 times)

You got my heart, it must be true.
You never
(Lyrics by V. Frerich)
(Music by F. Krynojewski and V. Frerich)

The last days of mankind have arrived
All the prophecies of doom are true
M.R. James, be born, be born
Yog Sogoth. Rape me Lord.*
I've suffered a great wrong
Such hatred, Church's song
Part One: Spectre v. Rector
Sitting around watching T. V.
Taking it slow, taking it easy
Wanting to buy, wanting to hide
And I'm wondering, wondering, wondering why.
Why is
Facing up to the sea is a very hard thing
Facing up to sea is a v. hard thing
Anything is better than bug day 

Bug day
Bug day
Bug day
But day
We gotta come back to ya; it's Bobby V. and Luda
We just wanna soothe ya; Bobby V. and Luda

This town is too small for the both of us
of a disappointment
In an afterbirth of sin
Wasted years of denial
Too much pride and the fear of man.

[Lyrics by Victor and Anne Griffin-Music by V. Griffin - 2001]
"Right here, I`m R. Prophet, a.k.a., the Galloping Ghost."

Big V: Big V. Sex, money, and bud.

B. Still: Yeah, B. Still, a.k.a., the Black
[Lyrics by V. Frerich]
[Music by F. Frynojewski and V. Frerich]

On barren wastelands, the distress lies uncovered
Discrepancy between the factions
I Gotta Do My Homework
I'd rather watch T.V.
If I don't do my homework
My Mom will ground me

© 2005 Erika V. Paul

You and I
Bid Farewell
Till Summer

© 1996, 1995, 1982 Erika V. Paul
To the poets and verse
Jump jump
To the Venus de Milo
Jump jump
To the ones who came first

Here goes the ghost of V. Van Gogh
He follows me
O. V. Wright

On Jesus' program
I'll  wade out in the deep
Oh yes I will
On Jesus' program

Oh I cannot sleep
On Jesus' program
The Holy
to find in you?

© 2001 Erika V. Paul
reach the stars?

© 2001 & 1985 Erika V. Paul
and be counted

Come on, raise your hands

We are the black metal gods

V. E. N. O. Fucking M.

Are you with us
Right until the end?

Stand up
V. reid

I always thought our relationship was cool
You played the role of having sense
I always played the fool
Now somethings different
Fields are white in snowy spring and
I can't remember the last time that I've seen her.
v. The highway is still cold and wet and I can't forget
[Music: Flo V. Schwarz / Lyrics: Flo V. Schwarz]

You wanted friends you wanted somebody
Who needs a home who needs infinity
But you should know that
was born in the U. S. A
I was born in the U. S. A
Come back home to the refinery
Hiring man says "Son if it was up to me"
Went down to see my V.
Writers: "Country" Johnny Mathis, V. Frank & George Jones

(Changed his name from Brown to Blue)

We stood there in the courthouse room
So close yet