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Written by George Jones and Jack Ripley

Just a few of my favorite lies . . .

Lately I don't even miss her
Yes it's true, out of sight and out
Writers George Jackson, Thomas Jones

Just take those old records off the shelf
I'll sit and listen to 'em by myself
Just like George Jones and one of his gold plated chrome tin microphones
Well the only time that I ever got booed is when I busted a rap by the 2 Live
to Illinois, St. Louis, Alabama
Country Gramma
Queens, New York, Detroit to Montana
Today's your day girl, let's raise the banner

Benjamin Franklin, I so
of communist regime 
A black man with a dream of peace and equality 
Was surely a threat to USA's economy of glutton war 
Greed ace of spades Vietnamese oil
on and give my man his props
If you're really that down then act what you say
KRS and Chuck need support today
I see you posing with the Dr King hanging on your