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Little by little by little,  
And stone by stone.  
Rich man's mountain comes crumbling down  
Poor boy sleeps on straw,  
The rich boy
And over in
the burnt yellow tent
by the frozen tractor, the
music was like electric sugar
And Zuzu Bolin played
'Stavin' Chain' and Mighty
The pilots playing poker in the cockpit of the plane
The casualties arriving like the dropping of the rain
And a mountain of machinery will fall
Up on the mountain top is where I fell in love
[ guitar ]
When she took me by the hand and said big daddy you're my man
She had lips like cherry
rain in the valley below
Well you can say you're Peter, say you're Paul
Don't put me up on your bedroom wall, call me the king of the mountain
They lived together in a dirty old shack
At the edge of the black rocky mountain
And they drank mountain dew and they lived on the food
That they
there's no stoppin' us now

Yeah on our own stone by stone
We built a fortress strong where

Every street we take
Is paved with truth
If a mountain's in our
I dream about
How it would be
If you would come
And stay with me

I'll close my eyes
And if I try
I'll be with you
Up in the yellow sky
to a park
He sings and its dark when the clouds come by
Yellow slickers up on swings
Like puppets on strings hanging in the sky
They'll splash home
a mighty strange contraption
Known to trainmen as a motor
But to folks in Colorado
She was known by another name

Up the canyons south of Sawpit
Past the red
windows of the factories

Pickin bones of a better day
As I roll on the down the low highway

Travelin’ now
On the low highway
By the yellow moon
If ever I could have thought this man in black
Was soft , had any yellow up his back

I gave that notion up the day
A lumberjack came in
never understand
For she grew up in a poor old mountain clan.

Julianne said all them mountain men are nuttin' short of rotten
Don't you touch my
many times I've cried
We used to be so happy when we were in love
High on a mountain of love

Night after night I'm a-standing here alone
Weepin' my
times I've cried
We used to be so happy when we were in love
High on a mountain of love

Night after night I'm a-standing here alone
Weepin' my heart out
(I'm climbing up the mountain I'm climbing up the mountain)
Once I've traveled in the valley so low lonely and weary way I
Now I travel in the valley
to say

Red, red roses, all but one yellow bud
The gentle thud of unrequited love

Am I protected by this thorn in my heart?
What must I have been
whip I do it in, the rims super big
If you want somethin' see the whip transform, 1 button
Seat leaned back, got the yellow inside
On that black
Red is the color of a lot of lollipops,
Orange is any orange on a tree.
Yellow's the color of a bag of lemon drops,
Green is a piece of seaweed in
Bound together by a legend
To protect use and defend

Lead us to the yellow rainbow
Just in case the earth should fall
If you find the yellow rainbow
the mountain, a girl waits for me

Tell the moon up in the sky
Tell the birds that fly by
That over and over and over the mountain
My love waits for me
I take a couple uppers
I down a couple downers
But nothing compares
To these blue and yellow purple pills

I've been to mushroom mountain
green and yellow diamonds call it mountain dew
I got the crib in the sky with city view
And I take a skinny bitch if her titties new
Now what
Hey, When You Come Up Face To Face
With Somethin' You Can't Understand
You Go On Ahead With Your Ostrich Bit
Stickin' Your Head In The Sand
Just Because
At the bottom of Green Mountain William Deacon stands and stares into the rain
With coal grey eyes yellow teeth and a face that shows the strain