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Ferrari Boyz in the building

Catch up!
Everybody know I got a sack man
I got the whole hood shopping when the pack ends,
down and speed it up up
You're body bang
See that double butt mix with whats up in my cup
Makes me want you in this club club!
You're body bang, bang
routine player
I'mma go get 'em, mix 'em up like a dealer
Man three is company, b**** call me Jack Tripper

Step up out the club wit a dizzy head
I got
Throw the hands up (Boasters)
Throw the hands up (MAC)

You know how Mac come through on the club tip
E'rybody real deep on that thug shit
Cop Cris'
another shot
Damn the music loud
I'm 'bout to mix it up and blend in in the crowd
Grip slip slide by the dance floor
Baby grab me by my hand say she
black sister
Gotta make her richer
So tell me what's real, partner

[Break - Sir Mix-A-Lot]
(Da-da-da-down for mine)
(You gon' buy me a motherfuckin car?)
keep it movin' it around like rems that don't stop. 
now twist ya hips mami' lick ya lip for me drop it and make it sway.
Now she stirring up the mix
what's the hold up
it's on now we back up on it, just as we post up
slither at the bar damn drunk to the world
burnin' down the club callin' on your boy
Lets go

I can't make this up

(I ain't gotta write this shit down
fuck what they talkin' bout) because I can't make this up

When you getting
It’s like shit is coming down from the motherfuckin’ heavens
It’s a new motherfuckin’ day
Get down or lay down
Ay yo, turn the fuck up
Ay yo, fuck
Then after that she gon` jump my bone 

Gettin tweeded up in the club niggas in the parking lot 
Sasquatch pipmin bitches from different cities
(Ludacris) Verse 1

I just touched down in killa Cali,
Strapped up my boots,
Got scooped up by Game,
So I hopped up in the coupe,
Gaah, What up
a club or papers by the pile
just ask toy soldier, toy soldier could of told you
at the boomin funk hut it was the afro with the butt
so to the flam lovers
abandoned the kid
Met this drug kid, set him up and slid
Now she 23 full blown in the mix
Sizin' up wits than more cliques is gettin' chips
She down for
Throw the hands up (Boasters)
Throw the hands up (MAC)

You know how Mac come through on the club tip
E'rybody real deep on that thug shit
Cop Cris'
hanging like Ernie and Bert
And in my idle head I'm thinking cool
Just when I'm thinking I'm going down your shirt
You're hiking up your skirt now
'cause, here I come
Because weekends were, were

Walk in the club at like 10 o' clock
And the spot is hot, blowing up rooftops
It's Thursday night
the sneaker
Don't try to put that gun up in your wig yo
Cause I can see you, Diglah, yo, check it out
Up in the club like what
You know what it is man, me
I used to scratch
And throw down beats
I made a mix
With real deep bass
The noise I had to be slangin' tapes
DJ in this shit try to make that shit
there ain't shit to do 
But then sir jinx played his mix 
And you thought that shit played out in eighty six 
Lookin' for my dogs 
Looked up in
everything, she got a fool in love (fool)
Gave it up to me and gangsta after the club

If I was fucking you, I'd be pakin the piss
The horny weight dick
in the club tryin to duck us (WHAT?) 
And if you walk by nigga, I'ma knock fire nigga 
from yo' ass, you can come try nigga (HEY!) 
In the hood, all
in the club tryin to duck us (WHAT?) 

And if you walk by n****, I'ma knock fire n**** 
from yo' a**, you can come try n**** (HEY!) 
In the hood,
slow down)
It's wicked in these streets

[Mia X:]
Ah-yo Snoop (I used to)
I used to cook up dope, ride with n****s
Know about the hits, hang with
with my momma on the couch
Like the jeffersons i’m moving on up and i’m out
Penthouse with the butler who waits by the door
To ensure i’m the only