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through his mind

Take a hand on my sister, J Blige
As I listen to her life go down, watchin' her life spin round
On them records, every track she sing in
march and hold hands like M-L-K
The nigga in me like Malcolm little said 'all means necessary'
So by all means I'm armed and my weapons ready
I got my
smack, slap, smack, slap, smack. 
Click, click, boom, stop dead in your tracks.
Stick the steel in your mouth,
Buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, lights out.
We can do this like men 
Or talk it we're whit 
Or do it my way and drive by later on tonight 
Break in your house hang your sister by her shirt
for the mercy you'll beg
After you're stomped out by junior regs
Try to make it Uptown, I don't know why
You'll be stopped in the '80s by the D.B.I.
Trouble done sewed up the tracks
Bitches not playing like they win or get smacked
By some young niggas that's down to break a bitch
The Nickel Nut