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of a school or youth organization
But from watching others do
What they would never do holds a sad fascination

And now I'm reminded by feelings so strong
one more life for the taker (Chickenman Chickenman)
And it's one more song for the maker(Chickenman Chickenman)

On the road to Athens
I saw a dead
(For the taker)
Chickenman, chickenman
One more song
(For the maker)
Chickenman, chickenman

On the road to Athens
I saw a dead deer on the highway
has to be another way than this, it's a hopeless fight anyway
I will not give up and wash away the sin, I'm thirsting for the carnage

I can't take
we were led to believe.
"This sorrowful song I have sung for too long,
Naoise agus Deirdre I now forgive".

Naoise always longed to go back home.
the ease of a flicked wrist, your soul can be seized from a distance/
In an instant - by this Plague affiliate that's seething with sickness/
I seem to get
records saying that we're a threat to decent society.
Fuck them. I hope we are.
What kind of depraved idiot thinks they can silence others by denying them