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a muthafuckin case like 2Pac
A real nigga gotta have balls and brains
To maintain in the game
Livin in the city with the killers and thugs
And might be dealin
I better see five stars next to my picture
If not, 2Pac will cop the Glock and come knockin' to getcha
I told you once motherfucker I'm a nut
Ima hold it down for you...
(uh, uh, uh...)
(already like 2pac said, I don't wanna be yo man I wanna be yo nigga)
Cause you know my love is
me to give a nigger-y twenty-one gun salute
That's seven shots for 2pac
Seven for Biggie Smalls
Seven for Freaky Tah up in your neighborhood malls
We 2pac wit it (what)
We too hot wit it (what)
Keep two glocks wit em (what)
shoot two cops wit em (what)
we on the block wit it
raw, nonstop wit it
and it won't be the last time 
I'm sure


No more strugglin
No more pain
Only good times after this
I pray  
(repeats until end)

in my pocket baby and today I just wanna jiggle 
My ball and knock your socks off with my,wha,wha,wha,what,whatyeah 

[Chorus until end]
million by the end of the week
Ya can't stop it, might as well run and cop it
You bitch ass niggas can't flock it, we...

We got it locked
Ah yeah, Hypnotize Minds, wassup Lil' Wyte, featuring Juvenile
Crash the mothafuckin' club, the remix
And it's goin' down for you hoes like this
which one of you niggaz am I gonna get
Thought you knew what I was gonna spit, this time with this rhyme
but by the end of it, y'all niggaz is gon' be