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ain't been too much to see
I'd bring some girl home but then I'd have to pay her
Won't you come home with me Rosemary?

When I walked in the bar you tried
Bound for trouble from the start
I've been walking through this old world in the dark
All along right by my side
There you were shining, my ray
the storm
Now your clothes have all been torn
Kingdom sacked attacked and dethroned

It's time for a champion
Soothe the soul of the land
Mend the heart from
On and off, and off again
Until his time had come
Late to the story that had been
But early to the riddle not yet begun

August the first 1893
Sometimes baby when you're really down
There just don't seem to be a ray of hope around
And everybody that you meet kinda wears a frown
It's cold
I just might have to toss this nine
Across your mind
Across that line
I'm running straight up in your mammy's house by mine
Puttin' this fire
I'm fucking tired of all the perks
I've tried nothing, everything works
For less I'm worth, I've served my bid
All fuck life wasn't what it is
Ray's almost got my ass kicked
Rather just chill in the yard in my casket
Call up the hoes, have em swing by the tomb
And get a little sticky stank up
finally got these niggas up out of my business
Death has severed all my friendships, it's been hell ever since I've been here
All these fake niggas come
shorty what you drivin' stoned by your daddy
Oops, you almost had me, geesed up until I saw the truth
And one day I see you standin' at a token booth
And when I'm rollin' by
Niggas Can't see Me

The stares of a million pairs of eyes
And you'll never realize
You can't see Me

Been getten worried that
any clown ass rockin' my brown ass, only a down ass
And it's all for you
I've grown a tad bit since we been at it like rare bitches
To pull a little
themselves to a lover
I have to give myself to goals

So baby
All apologies
It was going to happen, inevitably

And if it helps
I mean, even slightly
Until it met it's fate
One evening while it was in the studio
It was struck by the lyrical force of the big daddy Kane
So ashes to ashes,
When your mind tries to desert ya, no one to support ya
For some of y'all life has been a fantasy
And I been livin up in hell, nigga, lookin for my
My mama threw me out, I called my sister a whore
Now my house is abandoned, my bed is the floor
It's been a week I didn't need, I couldn't take it
room to fit you all in the ride
First come, first served basis
You know Hov' be goin' to nice places
That's right, and I'm droppin' cash
listening right
What's all this talk that Nas got bought?
I'd rather outline my body in white chalk
Ain't nobody been where I been, they at a stand still
listening right
What's all this talk that Nas got bought?
I'd rather outline my body in white chalk
Ain't nobody been where I been, they at a stand still
it ain't ever let a day go by 

Without reality checks, fuck my salary check, 

that ain't the reason why I want respect, but you ain't finna
Well ya never quite forget the first tape you buy
Mine was Naughty By Nature back when OPP was hot
Who'd have thought that I could ever turn out this
a shame
I'm aimin' at the bathroom stall on all of y'all
With the H.J.s deflecting these hate rays
Until the sun falls 
You acquired a dream
Crawl before
the county jail 
Now he's back, for now at least 
Hey Violent J's in this bitch ass piece! 

What up y'all? (What up?) What's happenin'? 
It's been six
miniaturized replicas to fall in love! after all...dis lil' sucker already been fulla glue, homo-sectional extru- s
'n army food...nothin' left fo' him to do,
came from
Lick another shot with the ray gun
I'm true to the shit, y'all new to the script
Wonder why I lick a shot with the same tongue