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Mountain of wisdom,
Of music and light
Muse of all vision,
Grant us the Waters of Life
Seeking the mountain,
Apollo's sacred realm,
Where the Muses
Out of the blue
Heaven sent you
A vision of beauty, made you my duty
To make you my muse
I can't believe, I've lasted this long
Inspired by you,
fear in pain
Throughout the minds of those too sane
To realize this is no game,
Drinking the lies in Heaven's name.
Spear of tin, forged by Muse
wants to kiss my snatch

To go where God knows who has gone before
I am a muse, not a mistress, not a whore
Oh, suburban shits who want some class
Wall to wall a tv´s twitchin´
Clearly not a muse
Then flashin´ through the interference
Beams a thousand tunes
This is tomorrow
This is tomorrow's callin'
Wishin` you were here
Layin' in my hotel bedroom
Feelin' ceilin' blues
Wall to wall a TV's twitchin'
Clearly not a muse
And life is drifting by 

Still I hold on and wait
I know it's not too late
And my breeze will come 

Muse you satisfy my soul
Keep me warm while
the tide
Severed with the losses of logic
Love left me unimpressed
I keep on walking the path of tragedy

let me attend let me represent
My muse lays dead
centuries and more, I've searched my head for perfect words
I'll take my chance or live forever in a world of hurt

Impalement on a tree of thorns is
Louie Culture:
Why can?t we live as one? (Terror Fabulous:Oh yes Oh yes uno fi all understand)

I guess I have wasted my time (Terror
her muse
She feels humbled by this equation 
And sets fire to all her shoes
Not because of Henry Miller
She's just not leaving anytime soon

Unity, peace and freedom, it's a rarity
These are the words they used to send us asleep
Meanwhile we're terrorized by the distorted muse
Beautiful dark muse
Need your affection
You are my dream come true
You leave me breathless
You hypnotize me
Can't live without this
You mesmerize me
to do, the human beatbox
'Cause back in the days when there was just block parties
A DJ would set up his equipment, and start these
live performances,
would never
I start to think that you're my muse because you get me so inspired
We can do whatever we choose and live our lives right on the wire
a ton of it
I'm gonna be a little bit specific

I'm gonna break it down uno by uno,
What I got crazy love for...
So hold on tight, lets take a ride
Unashamed, Uno Uno Seis, whoa
Tatted on my skin, all up in your face, whoa
If I ain't bout that live, then I ain't really livin'
But if you can't see my light
Biggie Smalls, the rap genius
I keep the glock by the penis, the cleanest cut
Fuck the sluts with the big humongous butts
Huh, I use a rubber, but
My style
and hand me down poetry
It's brick white-washed walls widowed by first paint
The tin roof top humming songs of promise while time is
Locked into demonic

This here be a track
Straight out of the blue
Untapped source of a funkdafied force
This course from the source and of course 
Muse bound bop
with it on you
Live around the corner, yeah we ain't even formal
So I'm askin' God, why you alive and I gotta mourn you
Word, I see you got a little crew
I been in this game for years, it made me a animal
It's rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual
A step by step booklet for you to get
Your game
A Wah Do Dem. Awoah

A Wah Do Some Dj Bwoy
Jus live pondi artiste name
An di artiste nuh memba dem
Ah wappen to uno, uno do uno own ting
A Wah Do Dem. Awoah

A Wah Do Some Dj Bwoy
Jus live pondi artiste name
An di artiste nuh memba dem
Ah wappen to uno, uno do uno own ting
A Wah Do Dem. Awoah

A Wah Do Some Dj Bwoy
Jus live pondi artiste name
An di artiste nuh memba dem
Ah wappen to uno, uno do uno own ting