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shine bright
In the country
Life feels right
Won't you trust me?

Hand me the remote
I'm not sure that we'd cope
In the middle of nowhere
Surrounded by
leading me unless You've led me here 
Where I'm lost enough to let myself be led 
And so You've been here all along I guess 
It's just Your ways and You
the sky and slap us all on the teeth
But there's always more unless I'm mistaken
Tell me when tdo mouths close
And people gracefully retreat

New York
Sitting by the fire
It seems only yesterday
Look how you've grown
Now the time has come
For me to say:

You can do whatever you feel
I guess
protested the G8
Got maced by female police
In hot black uniforms and boots
I got one's e-mail address

Still I'm waiting to see if my bid on eBay was
need a plan to make sense of time
We just let it go by, by, by
And I know just who I am, when I'm out on the road
I am the song inside your ears, I am
Sitting all alone with my whisky on ice,
I wonder why he's not with me tonight.
If the rain be on tonight then I won't sleep.
I'm haunted by this
of my absence

Preparing my mind for failure
For failure and deceit,
Nothing will satisfy me
Satisfy me in my need

Led into a state of misfortune
the state and affect the earth
And pass my spirit on again
Until it's triggered by a birth
I resonate
You Resonate
I say echo
You vibrate

I'm in this
put me under glass
I screamed and cursed their children when the nurses passed
Was convicted of theft when I slipped from the womb
They led me
on the staircase by a darker moon
Light me like a naked flame, the voice of mother nature states
All things must pass

Nothing here can remain 
They say that
I want to be like you
In a jam band where the lights crown me and I'm a superstar
I want to see like you
Over me and over them
I want to cry like you
I am the Emperor of the Highway
I wield the Universal Will
One might chance to overlook on my Divineness
Unless I'm sitting in the Imperial Poupe
and that's what I'm about.

I have an appetite that must be fed,
No longer blind and being led.
The type of freedom that you can buy,
My bank won't lend
Always gonna fight, until the day I die
No laws or limits will stop me from the way I live my life
Don't get in my way, unless you want to die
for the one I know I’m of
I never would be swayed

It was here before we noticed it
It’ll be here when we’re gone
And if I push you away, well let
Poured out by the old
And the oldest of old
Those women without sleep
The town fell asleep
I forgot what it's called
At the spring
Where it wept a corner
iron fist will never knock me down
'Cause I'm powered
By a conscious right to conduct my life
Without fear.

You are ten percent
Thought without
iron fist will never knock me down
'Cause I'm powered
By a conscious right to conduct my life
Without fear.

You are ten percent
Thought without
starvin' led to weight loss

Fear turns to adrenaline as life accelerates
I'm headed to my destiny, how long you guess it takes, to get there?

The in
of - keep it up
I'm relaxin' my feet is up - I'm leavin' you haters
Like when Shaq left the Lakers just to "Heat" it up
I state the stats to stunt - I
Girl local and out of state I got a couple of them in my gates ready to mate

Hey everybody, Mister Rufus is back
I've another dance I know you're gonna like
You can't do the penguin, unless you shuffle your feet
When you do
A force divided by slavery, a senseless futility

A must to see the unholy state, in which I was held for a while
A study in grief taking over my
Drawn by the sound of that wild raving pound
No one has told me
I gotta know all about hell and below
They never told me
The quest for nexus