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Popo blind to the polly in the hole by Friday
Where the fuck did Monday go?
I'll go to this pig-and-pot show
I'm sitting in the chestnut tree
Piece by piece I come undone
Lose my equilibrium
I crash but I don't care
Nothing to hold on to
I won't look back, I'll look for you
And I'm
about thinking
It's overrated just get another drink and 
Watch me come undone

(come undone)
They're selling razor blades and mirrors in the street
and I'm your son,
I come undone

So write another ballad
Mix it on a Wednesday
Sell it on a Thursday
Buy a yacht by Sunday
It's a love song
A love song

Come undone
To piece it all back together
Don't let me die alone
Come undone
To piece it all back together

Now my soul is gasping
Devoured by
the door: a guided tour; what we came here for
One: don't let the sun go down on
Two: love, but are undone by
Three: whose name is...
I won't even start
and at
Half after midnight I'm undone
I'm a little undone, I'm undone
I'm a little undone

If being low required I want your headdress
Want your mistress
Blackbirds dance among the roses
On the garden walls.
They are like the passers-by
On the nameless street.
All these hours undone.
the kingdom come
We are come undone
And our shadows bleed to one
By a cold winter sun

Give a weak mind all the coldest steel
Our beloved at the mercy
Achieved and in denial
Betrayed by belief

Lambs to the slaughter
Kingdom undone
The sleeper has awaken
Raging angles, battle no more

about thinking
It's overrated, just get another drink and
Watch me come undone

They're selling razor blades and mirrors in the street
I pray that
Sha la la la la la my lady
In the sun with your hair undone
Can you hear me now calling 
Your name from across the bay
A summer's day laughing
All of my guilt was erased
The chains of the past
Are broken at last
I got saved
Oh, I got saved

I'm undone by the mercy of Jesus
You feed this disease
Which you shelter underneath the scars
And dream of bitter themes
Rendered helpless by those wicked charms,
But please don't
and I
Go flyin' by
No one to cry
That we're gone

Oh, the ways of love
Oh, the ways of love

You are my special one
Made my heart come all undone
do it to myself

To the local,
To the loh oh oh, I go out
To the local
By myself
To the local

I did it to my head
There's nothing to be addressed now
come undone 

So here you are 
You brought everything on yourself 
So easy to fall, (easy to fall) 
When you're all alone by yourself 

turn back the time
That dragged us to your door
I would un-live every minute one by one
'Til the killing came undone
'Til the killing came undone
Far from home on a road unknown
Where the vultures circle on winds that blow
From northern skies that haunt these waking moments
Our shadows cast by
Tears are falling one by one
I stop awhile and come undone
Holding onto a world that changed
A backwards glance at what remains

I have seen you
Baptised in fire.
Forty to one

So silent before the storm
Awaiting command
A few has been chosen to stand
As one outnumbered by far
The orders from
Welcome home
We carry on

When our lives come undone
We carry on
'Cause there's promise in the morning sun
We carry on
As the dark surrenders
And you can’t hold it together anymore
But God will, He will finish what He started
No thread will be left unwoven
Nothing will be left undone
the fun is left undone
I'm the one, count on me

Cause I'm the one, by your side
All the time, yeah
I'm the one, all the time, by your side
by one
One by one 
I even saw it come

Knew the hit would run and run
And I, as it came undone
Knew that I'd lost everything
Everything I'd won