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Out here I can barely see my breath
Surrounded by jealousy and death
I can't be reached, only had one call
Dragged underneath, separate from you all
filled with doubt
No one cares what they say
We'll never go away 

We'll be waiting here again
Underneath the window
Hidden by the twilight
Miss ol' St. Louis, wish I was back
Picking my guitar by the railroad track
All them pretty women's, hangin' 'round me
Miss ol' St. Louis, how it
breathing stalls
She's dyin' all alone

Underneath the stars, city by the sea
Headlights of the cars shine but no one sees
In another world, just five feet
as the day that you were born
Naked as the day that you were born

Take all the trauma, drama, comments
The guilt and doubt and shame 
The what if's
at you and tell you
How I've done the work of ten to fifteen men
How I've struggled for my money
Sweated blood to get us by, yeah
Well I'm tired of it
of all, yeah I really have no doubt 
You just want to bring me down 
To make my moans the only sound 
For what is underneath my gown 
The new found fool
is all of me

We all live under the same roof
We go by the same name

It saddens me to think that I cannot turn back the hands of time

This is my
By All Means Necessary
Written, produced, directed, by Blastmaster KRS-One
Mixed, by DJ Doc
And now.. it's TIME.. to GET {​NERRRRRRRR-VOUS!}​
hearts from town to town
Now the things I fear
Come back here

I feel the cold ground underneath my boots
For no good reason it reminds me of you
the black and blue and stand tall

Go and I will be your guide
Know if you fall I'm by your side
You breathe so you know that it's alright
You walk with your
waving their signs
It's a hero's homecoming today

Underneath the smiles
A melancholy weighs upon them all the while
They can't forget the cost
only dirty washing

I love this town down on its knees
It's going under by degrees
Still we can do just as we please
As long as no one's watching
Yeah, it flows. 
Underneath the city through' dirty brickwork conduits
Connecting white witches on the Moor with pre-raphaelites down in Broomhall.
you pass us by on
We paved with our bare hands
Paved with our bare hands

A black cloud hovers over me
Without all this guilt I feel naked
from nine to five

By the end of the day, all the kids would go play
And I'd come staggering home
With a dream in my hand and a master plan
Take it off by Firehouse

Baby step right up and don't be shy
There's no doubt tonight's the night
The way you've been teasin' me we're both gettin'
Turn up your stereo hops
Insert the rhyme clip
Roll your windows up
Make sure it7s air tight
E.Q. the track exact
So shit sounds right
I rhyme
a vision's no solution
Everything depends on execution
The art of making art
Is putting it together, bit by bit
[Producer 2:] Do we really need all these
of rap goes back-to-back
With anyone who has doubts
That my rhyme skill
Helps minds build
While lines fill
And that's what it's all about
Well I'll be
at the Moose Head Lodge
Just a friendly chatter 'cause it really don't matter
When it comes to the model or make
Now they're all the same no matter what
Blaze this one, word up! 
I'm a blaze this one 
No doubt! Uhh, check it, check it, check it!!! 
Uhh, uhh, check it, check it, check it!!! 

Nicotine adrenaline
Don t it make your head spin?
Back to the grindstone
Head on the guillotine
Pulling all the stops out
Socks up head down
Doing it
I broke your heart a thousand times, let's work it out please

I let you down but now I see without you there's no me

We just need time babe
had enough
Of spending all my days in doubt
This track is long
But this is where I'm getting out

All that I can hear
Deep in the dark,