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three foot deep

Smokestack was leaning sideways
Heavy feet began to pound
He walked into the whirlwind
Sky splitting all around

The ship was going under
the sand
Hear the acoustics let the tune touch me
Under the moon kids cane dune buggies,
BMX Bandits that ride through the calm breeze
Skateboard wheels
gripped my lyrics do split up like
Bombs from Vietnam
Cause I'm sweet, neat, I don't romp or skinteet
Lyrics I lick with my tongue
And rhymes I nymn with my
trill, workin' the wheel, understand nigga?

I smother and split a bitch down to the tendon
High pressure, if you don't break your ass bendin'
I'm way past
Hands where I can cee like Busta said
I lead by example, nigga - must I led?
Last thing you hear is shots and every cuss I said
Real niggas walkin
These types are not hard to come by or get
Ass-kissers to protect a paycheck
Gomer Pyle stays behind the steering wheel
Leavin homicides to him,
of money.

Like I say ol' Jack Johnson he was a pugilist, 
He was a pugilist by preference and by profession 
And one day ol' Jack came walkin' on down by
And niggas don't be trippin don't be doin no drive-bys
Cause we don't gangbang, don't wear blue or red
We like that fuckin green, papers what I said