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And now I know I can't survive
Without you baby by my side
It's simply undeniable
There's nothing unreliable


It's undeniable
you're feeling vulnerable
Simmer down
Take a breath
And wait for the rest

It's undeniable
Straight up unstoppable
The way you do it it it it
attractive qualities, or a sense of undeniable oneness. 
So I propose a question to you:
Are you feeling loved today?
back in the? down gangster lean (I stay chilling daddy, you dig, ha ha)
This feeling is undeniable

[Verse 1: AZ]
Drama seas, sands so white
Agony and withdraw disrupt my wellbeing
A voice flooded by the piercing and the sounds of distant lands
Silence is my heart
I carry out my cross
It's undeniable how brilliant you are
In an unreliable world you shine like a star
It's unforgettable now that we've come this far
It's unmistakable
you're stringing me alone

Should, should, shouldn't need anyone
Shouldn't need anyone
Just scared of being alone
But by the time you've figured this
To walk amongst the dead 
plagued by an undeniable thirst for blood. 
Stained by an immortal suffering given to you. 

Acceptance from your kind
Undeniable (na, na, na, na)
Incredible (na, na, na, na)
Beautiful (na, na, na, na)
(Na, na, na, na)

Don't wanna fall asleep
I lie still
And I can't help but fall
If this is what you call undeniable

Maybe I think too much I over analyze
My heart is feeling what my head wants
Every thought of you is so sweet in the morning
I don't know why I'm feeling so free
Floating like a cloud, it's a springtime feeling
So new, not
I can still see her running and laughing
With the wind blowing wind through her hair
Something undeniable, stirred inside her
And she ran up
But when love is this undeniable
It's everything and it's anything
But typical

Jealousy and pride, all that petty stuff, trips the others up
the feeling but undeniable
The feeling I got for her (for her, her)
And only her (just her)
Everyday it gets crazier, amazing her,
I baby her, don't want
when process seems perfect
It's wrong to all
And your tyrants will fall

When thy art is hate
I've given it all I can take
It's undeniable
When my heart
The way we really doing it, these motherfuckers probably wouldn't believe us
Flipmode Squad by all means, a pledge of allegiance
With the great feeling
so casually defiant and barely 
recognizable oh the beauty undeniable 
red moon rises on the eve to the 
eclipsing of our opposing sun 
we'll be
So fearless and know that your invincible
Be fearless prove the undeniable
Cause your so much stronger than you know
So let it go

It’s crazy
So fearless and know that your invincible
Be fearless prove the undeniable
Cause your so much stronger than you know
So let it go

It’s crazy
Rise now my son 
You were suffering from a horrible dream 
So mend your ways before they tear you by the seams 
You're not the first and not
feel your fire burn
All your secrets I will learn
Even if it takes forever

With you by my side I can do anything
I don't care what tomorrow brings
got me thrown and so
I Put on my poker face
And try to figure it out
This undeniable doubt
A common occurrence
Feeling so out of place

There's a feeling inside of me
That's holding on and won't let go
It's just like I'm living inside a dream
I never wanna wake up, no

Cause when
prison. selected detainment.

a gradual nightmare. suicidal impulse. a cycle of habit. undeniable loss. breathing by wire. a network of heroes. processing
something to see, I can't help myself, it's a new religion

Okay my reasoning might be clouded by the sun
But someone sees the departmental lie
You know