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Dear Avery, I think of you only
Were you waving, were you dead on the vine
Oh Avery, I think of you lonely
But I could just grab you by the nape
up by now
He's too old to behave like a clown
Even though he's always been a fool
He's uncool, he's uncool

I'm getting fatter and lazier
Losing my
The life you need is fair, 
Fair but so uncool 

Rip off artis, shootin' down. 
If you dig it, you're a clown
Can't you understand 
Can't you lend
Giggle if you want to
But I know it's still true
That He's always gonna love me
So just laugh out...
If you think I'm uncool
there at home
There's no one now left to hold me

My days once flew by
Like the geese in the sky
Flying high over Avery County 
In our little
pussy, yeah, yeah, yeah

Struck by lust in a telephone booth
busted by a cop, he said "That's uncool"
he said that he hears moaning and screeming
and tip my hand, 
I'm certain to scare you away, 
Then what would I say?
I'd be hurting, I'm certain, 
I'd be uncool to let you know 
That you're
pussy, yeah, yeah, yeah
Struck by lust in a telephone booth
Busted by a cop, he said "That's uncool"

He said that he hears moaning and screaming
pussy, yeah, yeah, yeah

Struck by lust in a telephone booth
busted by a cop, he said "That's uncool"
he said that he hears moaning and screeming
Brooklyn was the hipster mecca
Packed her bags with her friend Rebeka

Said she had a thing for broke dudes in bands
Who lived by Union or by Grand
So we
understand what she could do 

what she did was smile her sweet lips 

it was bad enough to be deceived by you 

but also by your friends 

friendship that
like a gay Captain Morgan
Well, he recognized a Vampire 
From his school
And he did something that was 
Most uncool, he said,
"Hey everybody, see
primarily blue

It's so dark here, and heavier than ever
Just sit still and stay uncool
Damn the eye, the ever-drifting feather
Damn the mind,
is so great

As gas fills the room and rockets destroy
Everything around him he stands to find himself surround
By thousands of soldiers that his once
they think that i'm uncool
i'm just not interested in much of anything
wouldn't want to be a president, don't want to be a king
i just want to ride my
that Shug Avery Color Purple coming back, clap uhh
When that whole week beat you up and stress ya
But you hear that organ playing it remind ya of ya
They put you down and call you crazy
Say "You're disgusting and uncool!"
Just because you like to touch yourself 
Out by the public swimming pool
wouldn't change a minute 
I can't slow down inside 
Guess that's why I live it

The years of mischief 
Followed by weeks of thrift 
I land on earth's
let it light the sky above you
Let it fly, let somebody try to love you

Carrier of a secret
To unhip to show
Too uncool to mention

Carrier of a secret
Girl you been freakin'
Like you never freaked before
Not that freakin' is uncool
But to you I know there's so much more

Like where is that
"Okay guys! Let's go!"
Mom packs us a lunch and we're off to school
They call us nerds 'cause we're so uncool
They laugh at our clothes
refuse to dummy down and follow the herd
I’m gonna say what I believe and stand by my word
See, i’ve never known the taste of a silver spoon
Never took
sale or return
(This is dead stock and it's in your kitchen)
(Still inside a plastic bag)

Been used as a trading tool, last big thing uncool
We're tied
By the end

[Verse 2]
Having fun was the only rule (It's all about the fun)
Yeah, there was nothing in the way
Being left out or being uncool (Won't
Discussin' later functions and more I cruise to State store
Cause Lewis wants his brew plus nuff change from 'fore
When Lewis choose the club, and Avery paid