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of those cars
Why' see I always wanted one of those cars
Long black 'n shiny an' pull up to the bars
Honk your horn, put down your windows, push yer
Dancing in Paradise... 
Biggy Dread gunned down by police at 
Big Bridge March 16 Riding a mule cart to 
Sav-la-Mar pulled out a cutlass and they had
We holler yee-haw and then we saddle up
Get your money right then you add it up
We grab the bull by the horns make him back it up
We holler
I got more bottles, than new born babys, for youporn ladies
I want you drink up till you horn crazy and rape me (chaa)
Till I'm lazy and achey
if you ever come and visit me, I suggest you watch the show
Tell him Aesop Rock sent ya just to hear his horn blow like this

And I ain't getting