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disaster, destruction's in the air
These ego trips, by heads of states, who giveth not a care
For all your children and all my children

The future's in
Dark Past full of evil endeavors
Heart clean never black and ugly as ever
However I seen my family die from them rocks
Them beams on blocks including my
revealed ugly and cold

And the Sirens that sing
By your nose with its ring
They'll drag you in
For your sins

Now he sits all alone
And it's no place like
revealed, ugly and cold

And the sirens that sing
By your nose with its ring
They'll drag you in
For your sins

Now, he sits all alone
And it's no
I'll keep this brief it's nice to meet you
Though I can't get past your ego
I never hold a grudge cause love is the way
Hello hi
Nothing is over, you just can't turn it off
Nothing is over, you just can't make me stop
I've faced the ugly truth motivated by negative disdain
care what you two were"

So it's a trick on your ego
A two-step off tempo
A solid gold bracelet
Under lights in a window
In some shopping mall
a right now generation murdered by the fan base
This is adored by the writers-Dead water
With a still force activated
No I'm not feelin' alright
in the house and De La, they in the house

I must regroup my thoughts and kick the next ones for my people
Please don't be deceived by ugly slice
Everybody want to see more cash

But ego's clashin', that's when egos crash
See the two of them started when they was in dimes
Graduated, now they movin'
a manhole, where the forbidden tree grow 
And bullshit ego, of fly negro 
Whole garden sour, polluted with a dead flower 
Months later, he's layin
50 shots flyin', fly
Nigga, you want beef with I?
I hope you lyin', but why?
In the middle of tha night, I be fatigued, camouflagin' by
Huh? Nigga,
actin all sheist around your boys
Didn't use your own style, so you use the decoy
Now you're shadowed by a character you cannot destroy
Check your
weasels pacing ugly acres more than often
If I ever make it big, I'm gonna build a skyscraper tall enough to piss on
cloud 9 egos from my corner office
Numbers set by stock movers, buy my tip so I can touch
Not for no print size, plate saint, white wasted H20
Four coats'll make it glaze
On top of that, all your friends know my words
I accomplished more than you will in your whole life by the time I was eighteen
Never workin' a 9
a G-4 private jet
Bet you get more than grazed by the nine
Laid by the side
Oh you out of bullets? Here, take some of mine
And clowns hate how I lock
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

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