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Girl, no subject comes close to you
2gether sing it

I know my calculuh-uh-uh-ussss

I know my calculus
It says you + me = us
Said I know my
We are 5 
We do our thing (Thing, thing, thing)
Baby, and sing

See all the girls with their hands in the air
You can tell by the screams
di chronic till mi finger dem stuck 2gether wit all a di gum.
Mi a wipe down the bullet and a load the clip while you a gwan, oil up the gun.
kill 4 nothin' and hijack planes?
(Let me hear U...)

Get your shit 2gether (Da, da, da, da, da, da, da)
Da, da, da, da (Da, da, da, da, da, da, da)
of got me into a panic
'Cause I don't know if I can take it without you

You know we've done so many things 2gether
But it seems that I'm gonna move
You came 2 me 
Said give you more time 
Time 2 get yourself 2gether 
Time 2 make up your mind 
I want 4ever love 
You want a one night fantasy
Conversation so stimulating, my heart is racing
(I just want to know if we can get 2gether sometime)
And you know what I'm saying
Ya bodies toned up look
passes of O G s
This is so me
Ask us many mention little homie, little bony
But the rhymes is fat
In fact
Just like a Rochester customer
God bless
Thoughts in time and out of season 
The hitchhiker 
Stood by the side of the road 
And leveled his thumb 
In the calm calculus of reason 

Squad lock ice ? than Yugoslavians 

Run up in your building bust locks  and pull the lobby in 

Find me in the titty bars  pollyin with Mafians 

kick up dust you can trust 

The three of us to bust 

True to Earth's crust 

I must enforce my force of course 

You need to cry for help
nigga, I love big asses and tits (Show me them tities)
And if you're here just to witness, I just promise this

Hold my wrist, tip, four, tip
I love beats by the Viking and the Alchemist
People get inside my head like John Malkovich
My life is getting complicated like calculus
I feel
back, without tiltin' my glasses
This was not pilfer from passes of O.G.'s
This is so me, ask us

Mini-mansion, little homie, little Boney
But the rhymes
a nook and is glad
See we observe what's around us to grow to step two
'Cause I evolve into a leader slow and so can you
Be a believer, 'cause people tried
shame, no consequences or {?}
to leave us underground, we're not inhuman {?}
Que es esto, no me importa no more, no tengo llego
So en {?} para yo, listo
I knock out when you knock it off
Knock on the doors of opportunity
I’m too involved, I’m no activist
I’m no Einstein before calculus
I was
at least I look spiffy
Go ahead and doubt us, what you know about us
We ain't gotta follow them (no), we take another route
No we ain't blowin' trees bro,
You know sex 'em up a little bit
You know what I mean?

You're the honey that I see when I'm riding by
The one giving me a feeling that I can't deny
up high
Throw your hands up high

Now I don't give a fuck if you
Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, goddamn it
That don't mean shit to me
Fuck your
structure the fuck with you (Release)
Up in you and cut you a costumer
Huffing and puffing, discussing absolutely nothing, disgusting
Plus I'm feeling me
I'm feeling me rushing up in your country percussion
No woman gets struck in the boundaries
Wake up if your lunging, I'm something, you're nothing
Stick by me and I'll stick by you
Stick by me and I'll stick by you

My life here on earth would be useless can't you see
If I didn't have you
the best you ever heard is ag in my temple
multidimensional my clever words make calculus simple
weak styles missing in action once I got 'em I hit
Cowboy alone
Drives with his three kids
To house where they live
Where you been

The country will know us by name
This country will know us by