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bitch up on my side I might be gettin on her ass or im
gettin on her thighs flag me down dont even try it 
Im Full Of Dat Shit 
[Lil Boosie] Now you
Homie ain’t no other way hell you talkin' 'bout
What we do this everyday Hell you talkin' 'bout

Thought I just seen Jizzle wit 100 gang bangers
1987 (Damn man)
Ain't had a money order, since my sister passed lil daddy (You can get some of my food)
Long as I wake up every morning breathing
out Park Town
Big Gator one who made this song
I play it so real, I play it by ear
I don't know what you talkin' 'bout cowboy
But J Prince is real
Gon' soulja hate me
Da judge looked at me
And said how you doin' boosie
He called me by my nickname {ooooh}
What you think I'm stupid {bitch}
Boosie bad ass(bad ass)
You ain't bout what you be talkin' bout(bitch ass nigga)

You ain't bout that murda' murda' shit
You ain't down to lose
a pill
Gotta be somethin' that can cure me of these chills
Doctor help me, what do you say?
"There ain't nothin' that can make this go away"

Talkin' 'bout
I just wanna show the world
That I really do this shit
And I really make quality street music (know what I'm talkin bout)
And it ain't no mistake
Let's go

Say Lil One
(Lil Wayne)
One what's happenin' with you big dog
Look I need to talk bout some serious shit
(Lil Wayne)
believe that
If you ain't wit the youngin ? where you been at
Easy play pussy you know what I'm talkin bout
Pull up to the house and make you bitches
Bitch you know the code
I'm Boosie boo I'm a Hot Boy
No I can't be faithful hoe
That's why I want a hot girl
Never back down go, to war
Anytime a day
Must be a potion 
Gotta be a pill 
Gotta be somethin' that can cure me of these chills 

Doctor help me 
What do you say 
"There ain't nothin' that

Start at the hammer I ain't talking 'bout astrology
For any pussy doubted, bitch you owe me an apology
Only talkin' 'bout that trappin' shit, I
talkin 'bout profit
Then y'all ass in the way
Lil' nigga
Talkin' loud when he know he a lame
Claimin' blood
Hell naw, boy you know you's a dud
Southside... Back then, it was straight gin,
Dickies, and cowhides. You aint from our side,
We bustin' at ya, that's the
Rules.. Used to be deep, now we down
know Lil Boosie be in yo city on yo stage 
Do wat you gon' do to me
After the show I'm wit my fans givin' kisses and hugs
While you get bodyguard by
on me
But god kno I'm thug so
U kno lil boosie go and get skeet

Now god know my situation, he know what I be facin'
He know I'm so impatient when it
Girls talkin' bout, I got them girls talkin' bout
I got them girl talkin' bout, I got them girls, girls

Aye shawty what's you name, what's your
You lil boyz don't know what it mean ta get shot
You lil boyz don't want to do nothin' but hang on tha block
Yoy lil boyz ain't
talk to me if you ain't talking 'bout money
Weed, coke, ecstasy, nah we talkin' bout money
Don't know what went wrong with me, 'cause I keep talkin' bout
have you goin you won't kno what ta do
Ya talkin bout talkin me talkin bout me to ya whole crew
Lil mama I'm a beast
I'll have ya body like (whooa)
how bout you?
Dreams are made not by one, but two
Y'all kno what I'm talkin' 'bout?, lemme tell y'all what I'm talkin' 'bout.


'cause family calling me crying
'Bout lil shit, like bills and dollar signs
Fuck around, say I ain’t got it, they say I'm lying
Plus I got to take care
louis all they do is bang Boosie.
? in north carolina ? hundid thousand on my wrist bitch, both arms.
Louisiana ain't even gotta talk, (fa what?) in
We in the studio rippin' up dope tracks
Cause we real, you betta guard your grill
Cause if we bout it, bout it
If you ain't bout it, bout it you