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Crossing two rivers 
And fields in the dark 
He is in love enslaved by the heart 
She waits by the window for 
The first sight of her love 
And when you've heard a river laughing, 
As she bends the rocks and sand. 
Seen a wave crossing an ocean, 
Come and take me by the hand. 
Young boy is killed by a gun toting driver
He caught him, shot him, 'cause the kid went too far
When the man was asked why, he replied with
sixty-two packages of cigarettes. why are you carrying all zees into germany for? what are you doing this for?
I . . . I . . .
How long have you been livin'
different to me
I know you cant possible be
Were two in a million
But you could be someone that makes my perception complete

We go by our separate lives
the wind
Under the sun, fighting the pain inside of me
Step by step my body'll leave my brain
Running into the wind
Under the sun, crossing the edge
playin' games
That's the advice I suggest

Chorus 2X:
I walk like I'm at war
Talk like I'm at war
Don't sleep like it ain't war
You speek like it ain't war
children crossing the bridge 
What kind of life did they get to live?
What kind of choice do they get to make?
What if it was a child's mistake?
walk too slow
Shanghaid, Shanghaid
Been locked up and Shanghaid
Shanghaid, Shanghaid
Been locked up and Shanghaid
I tried to live by the golden rule
I complicated our lives by falling in love with him
I complicated our lives, now I'm losing my only friend
I don't know why, I had to try, living
You gotta be careful
You never know who's around
Look over your shoulder
I'm right behind you

I see you watchin
Two steps behind me, stalkin

Niggas goin strike 

And every man got a prize 2X 

[Full Blooded] 

I heard the shot shout, he took the bullets to his flab
back home

And now way up high two jet planes
Weave spider webs across the sky
As that flatbed Ford has dropped his load
Now there he goes swinging by
like the lotto, the invincible three
Fuck sentimental, it's the great Sunn-Zi
Inspired by the late Gandhi, wire money
niggas wanna see us fall, that
Would I Do Without You (2x) 

[Master P] 

Lookin' With The Homies 

Remenising Bout The Old Days 

Cookin' Dinner In Your Kitchen 

I lived only by you,
My scar, my heart, my truth,
Have no reason to live,
I can't feel the love anymore

This is, the end
You're closing
stay bound
By the Word
Spoken in tongues
Or even sung
What's the Word
Communicate from state to state
With the Word
Live by the Word
Die by the Word
Before 1978 there was no blood with AIDS contamination
It ain't little green monkeys 
It's little white honkeys crossing bouing leukemia with sheep
I'm down by law


Life gave me nothing free, but my ugly
Ass mug and a couple of fat nuts to squeeze
Dick dangling down in my dungarees
a friend
And if Fallen trail of nuds trail methamphetamine is good
Northern Cali crystal crossing boreders got the country hooked
We gon raise the roof we
(4 times)

Live and die for money, I hustle 'till the sirens come
Slangin' ounces out of my weight houses
Drinkin' 2 for 1's
Plenty guns
Hoes makin'
Out on the porch

Lets have a mid city fiesta with your west LA connections
Hop inside the vehicle start crossing intersections
We learning
them pick up the red flare of the streetlights."

This last point emphasised by a moment of silence, which he filled with a look around the bar.
Forgive me for my sins, cause I'm not perfect
Just trying to get it like I live, but is it really worth it
Niggas done fell to my heater,
that shit, never gonna quit that shit
'cause I'm the shit, so put it in perspective
You double crossing me? It's about to get hectic

[Chorus 2