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the kitchen, raised the aerial

[Chorus 2:]
BJ Don't cry no more 
Never had a girl to call his own
Found out what his heart was beating for 
Never strayed
Quack, quack

I'm chilling for an hour, smoking weed, watching Worldstar
Benz in the garage, probably got to drive your girl car
You ain't a rapper,
By, by, the years was rollin' by...

This is the police...

I'm not joking around anymore!

Come out!
We have the garage surrounded

The years
tears in their eyes
Neither one could speak
Hand in hand, room by room, oh it was everything

Three bedrooms, two baths, one car garage
Front porch
I wanted the house, pool and the dog
Brown eyed babies and all
He cut the grass, shoveled the snow
I will make the garden grow
With a two car garage
at least a grand
Gold on my neck, my pistols close at hand
I'm a self-made monster of the city streets
Remotely controlled by hard hip-hop beats
But just
You can have a mansion
You can have twenty million dollars in the bank
You can have a twelve car garage,
Golden fixtures and a marble sink
and piranhas, a pair of pajamas
That's my neighbor, the faggot disrespecting my mama
No cars in the garage, it's underground shit
They way the floor open up
travel in multiples of C
The organic supercomputer that solved the mysteries
Of Clan Calusa with two blue metric rulers
Liked Cool J, but thought
and intersections we've got up
Here. We've got two cars in the garage, two cars in the garage, and
Drum-majorettes in white ankle socks and baton twirling on Sundays.
Angels and sailors 
Rich girls 
Backyard fences
Dreams watching each other narrowly 
Soft luxuriant cars 
Girls in garages, stripped
the hall, 3 safes in the wall
2 iPhones hundred killers on call
8 car garage 10 grand for the landscaping
Ordered 10 pounds they’ll be smoking like
stand on his own two feet
Got a strong business mind, straight out the streets
He gotta have security, power and wealth
Cause I can do bad by my God
i got a house wit a lot of rooms, sittin on a hill
It don't matter
That i got cars in my garage sittin on a lot of wheels
It don't matter
I'ma I'ma put it on her (yeah)
I'ma I'ma put it on her (yeah)

Doing my two step off of club pure
The Girl walks by rocking christian diore
on the front
Ya find the face of George Washington
Make money baby that's all I do
That's how I know Thomas Jefferson is on the two
Abraham Lincoln got shot
a superstar
My new crib in Phoenix, ten car garage
Petite felite, platinum Audemars
Ain't no tags needed, nigga, I own them cars
I know them bitches, we met
can see the sharks and piranhas, a pair of pajamas
That's my neighbor, the faggot disrespecting my mama

No cars in the garage, it's underground shit
perfect sense
Two-car garage
And a while picket fence
Sometimes she feels
Like such a hypocrite
She's just a face in the portrait
And that's about it

Uh, Neptunes (Neptunes)
Uh, Bow Wow, aka, The Don, The Dutch
Fo' show, Star Trak, collabo

[Chorus: x2]
They call me Bow Wow, The Don, The Dutch
the Dodge
'Cause the baseheads keep breakin' in the garage

I keep saggin' in my 'Lac with my butt out, I strutt out
Look at my two front tires - you know I
The peace sign is just the trigger in the middle finger,
Whi, which you know bout it, Man y'all clueless,
I let 2 women ride me, that's car poolers
I rock
the chips
See law ain't no good unless two dice hit
Hate me even if I didn't ice my shit
Fuck niggas, make that money and lots of it
Sold four million
cars, and the prettiest stars 

By far the prettiest Misses
I pull up in the prettiest sixes 
So by the time you get the six b****, I have the seven
Artist: Ray, Goodman & Brown
 Heaven In The Rain -1981 - 4:19
LP/CD: Stay - Polydor 1981
Composers: D. Thomas