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ya say, don't let a nigga try me
And I don't let a fine, pretty broad get by me
Don't let nothin' pull me off track from my hobby
Oh yeah, and I
Diggin up a dead be	-boy and watch him as bones break
Like skaters slippin of poles on Real TV
So see me for real CDs and DVDs
	Cassettes, vinyl, tailor
to the radio station
We were too damn cool 
To buy the eight track tape
There wasn't any good time
To want to be inside
My mama want to watch that TV 
I told my mama thanks, now the king is what I claim fool
When it comes to this rap game nigga, passionate for it brah
Your c.d. packages showing
much I push the cash money, they don't believe me 
Turn on the DVD, and the c.d 
Don't watch me, homeboy watch T.V 
Head rest, 7.5 Clarion 
You ain't
, diamonds went from hard to see to 3-d
Double VD, bubble Lex with the CD
Puffin seaweed, I'm free, hit the slope and ski
DC to France, finance is too advanced