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This beat, yeah
Hop in this thang, yeah
With David Guetta, yeah
And Afrojack, yeah
Now all my ladies, yeah
Go ahead and get sexy, yeah

And if
And it's hot enough just to let your ideas go by
I'm gonna give it to you
If you let me give it to you

Hey hey

So let me turn the volume up get
I woke up weak today and needing your voice
Crawled into the speakers and turned up the volume
Felt so sick today but cured by your noise
My head
Never turn by back on JAH

Spirit, Spirit

Oh, we who hunger and thirst after righteousness

By great wisdom
He raised up the land above the waters
to turn to drugs
There's only one solution
Causing all the problem
We talking universal love

We can do it
If we try
Let war and hatred
Pass us by

Turn the music up turn the lights down I'm in my zone

Thank God for granting me this moment of clarity, this moment of honesty
Turn the music up turn the lights down I'm in my zone

Thank God for granting me this moment of clarity, this moment of honesty
The world'll feel my
West up nigga

Turn the volume up and bang it out the trunk now

Say who got a problem with the volume?
If you tryna sleep, go get a valium
We night
or lower frequency 
It means nothing to me 

Watch me turn the volume down 
It's always cold before the last day 
Still guarding space 
Snow piled up
Suddenly I hear a banging sound
I can hear the bass playing much too softly turn up the volume

Let me start with the evidence and kill
Blown down the highway by two different winds
Lord only knows when I'll see you again
You're 'bout as close as the stars up above
You're my long
to recollect
The twists and turns of plots that took us from lovers to friends
I'm thinking I should take that volume back up off the shelf
And crack it's
ear phones in
You'd never know
That I'm not even listening
You're to busy yelling
For you to notice anything
So I hit the volume and turn it up
when the sun
is high
I get up
my bed
I play
my favourite record
the volume turned down

a glass of fresh water
and give
Listen up good 
I got a lot to say 
I know what I want 
And I get my own way 

I call 'em as I see 'em 
I don't play by the book 
One dose
Blown down the highway
By two different winds
Lord only knows
When I'll see you again
You're 'bout as close
As the moon up above
You're my long
As a gravedigger's own birthplace
My love is a medicine
Feeds the sick heals the poor
Turns up the volume on the blind

My word it's a trip
Like a migraine
By David Allan Coe

Dedicated to Dr. Martin Scheid who saved my life when my appendix busted in Houston, and to all the people who came to my last
There's those who turn their nose up
When we play our music loud
Those folks would love to take control
And turn our volume down
But we come from
David Hinds
I Spy With My Little Eye
Raggamuffin Him A Turn Rude Bwoy
If You Live Him A Give You A Bly
Him No Fraid Fe Shot Up A Guy

Him A Come In
you want suntan
When we tek stock unu turn black man
Then divide and rule the African land
Which was made wid love by the Fathers hand
JAH JAH plan

Addicted to the feeling that makes your skin crawl
Feel your head ringing, nailed to the wall
I turn it up louder, feels good inside
that you said
Rockin' Rita
Lookin' for a Dimebag
What's up with that dude
Ah, turn the music up
Turn the music up

Go to the bridge, now

New York City

Puttin' mc's on front street
turn the volume up a notch we pump beats 
for throwing heat putting mc's on front street 
you try
in my path
With the heads of their leaders still in my hands
Hold it up, lightnin strikes, brightens the night
Turn my hair whitened like Christ then