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the insane
And you turn
Water into wine
Have you forgotten
About Jade?

Ride my mountain
I shall receive you
Ride m mountain
I shall receive you
Of pentacles and precious jade
You must not be afraid
You must turn the page
You dreamt a world of things
Like you were a duchess born
Or Coretta Scott King
Second time around doing this....I think it'll be we go

It was 5:45 on a friday
I was waitin' for a train goin' my way
I stood
The middle-aged exotic dancer
So her mom had to turn to her savior
And here's the advice that he gave her
He said reese's pieces, sweedish fish
Mic, mic, mic
Yeah we good now
Turn the vocals down a little bit, just a little bit
I want it loud

Here's my moment of clarity
I've been misleadin'