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Did you forget to turn off that light?
Well, that's all right, but it's way too bright
Way too bright
See the eagle above the hill
The lake reflects
That there's much more to come
Immobilized by my fear

And soon to be
Blinded by tears
I can stop the pain
If I will it all away

Don't turn away
Talk to myself again, all alone, on my own 
Walk by the scene again, just to see what people see 
Caught in your stubborn hold, and I'm so far from
Gary Golf stops all the clocks
With night nurse slippers and socks
He tries to keep this thoughts clean
By washing with Listerine
A little peck
To turn the view
Now that I have you

Now's the time To turn the view
Now that I have you

Roses growing by my door Climbing up the vine
turned to ashes
Blessed by the dark

When the candle fades
The pain closing in
When the sun turns black
You release your blood and fade away
being friendly, I met her

By chance
You gotta believe me - it's not a romance
Don't turn the light out, I'm starting to see
Don't turn the light
took it all away.

The cradle did rock for you too.
Looking out from the inside,
While life turns to blue.
Watching all the glass faces
Leave their
all your life
You've been working every day and night
That's how a superhero learns to fly
(Every day, every hour
Turn the pain into power)

the empty faces
They all turn again
When all the lights are off 
We're all just dead
Kill the lights
Kill the pain 
Kill the lights
Kill the pain
beggin' you baby
Baby please
I'm beggin' you baby
I'm down on my knees

Turn on your light
Let IT shine on me
Turn on your love light
Let it shine
As I turn to sand
You took me by the hand
And declared
That love prevails over all

All of what remains
Despite our ego brain
Love after it rains
Just a little bit of love
I was alone, I was afraid
I couldn't face another day of pain in my life oh oh oh
I called your name and you were there
That’s how a superhero learns to fly
Every day, every hour, turn the pain into power

When you've fighting for it all your life
You've been working
you so now
Come on let's go now
Kick off your shoes,
Turn out the light
And love me tonight.

Now don't you worry
We're all alone now
Let your
Steeled by the fire and sealed by the pain
On the inside it all happened on the inside it all went down on the inside

I'm holding on to you and I know
Yesterday all was dark, I was dancing on the floor
In this light I am complete another me

Change with the light
Turn turn turn around, be my
Cigars in the summertime under the sky by the light 
I can feel you read my mind 
I can see it in your eyes under the moon as it plays 
Like music
Turn around and burn me painful

No light can release my pain
Not a young god
I spit in the eyes of the marching sane
And in the young ones
There have been hard times all around me
I just can't seem to see the light of day.
I need one chance to get away
Before the darkness falls upon
nothing at all

Anger and agony are better than misery
Trust me, I've got a plan
When the lights go up, you'll understand

Pain without love
Pain, I
Pain without love
Pain, I can't get enough
Pain, I like it rough
'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all

You're sick of feeling numb
in you

When the devil's waiting
Down by the river calling out
I wanna be the one to light up the dark in you
And when the flood is over and all
betray our flame
Deal with my insanity

Eternal you will reign
Oppressed by all gods of light
Adored by the disciples of night

Female soul and body
I can't leave you helpless
I'll make the pain rest in peace
I'll turn off the light and
Swallow your last breath
So close your eyes, fall asleep