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The bitter end

She found herself  lost one night
The road back home, no where in sight
She tripped she fell, scattered and torn
Crippled by
Black visions through my eyes, like tunnels in demonic laughter
One with the night, I crushed the gates into this dimension in red
With red bursting
ad infinitum

Blinded by impermeable darkness
Of the Ancient Ones
Pictures, visions made by night
When she was young

Journey for aeons
your heart it fills with rage
Driven by words that sealed your fate
There's nothing left as we descent
Upon your bitter sweet revenge

Pain grows
severed vision
The gathering of loose ends in a bucket
Wit a shoestring budget
Every man's got a field to plow (I know that now)
But it's like, man I
Heading towards the light at the end of the tunnel
No way out - I can't get off of this train - no way out!
"Seize the day" I heard them say, when I

For eternity is a coprophagic
Backward figure head
Gorging on Her own bitter end
And We have eaten shit
Until we're close to addicts
Side effects of tunnel vision
Technofix of silicone
Noise that wanders like a liquid
Cyber shaman anarchy
Useless memory transistor
Pressure in
but they are only fools!
(damn fools)

The train kept a-rollin' 'til the bitter end
Dropped you down at a Dead-End Station to your Living Hell
The camouflage of liars abruptly will be torn

At the end of the tunnel I'm awaiting the truth
Through the misty twilight perhaps eternal youth
Do I feel
from your eyes
You've been cold and uncompromising
With ambitions as broad as the horizon
Tunnel vision focused on a consolation prize
In your darkest
as tunnel vision creates my only

Sanctuary. As hope manifests itself in the
Thought of an end. A lifht. A fighting
Chance. A dying breath. Reap my soul.
the hand that fed us 
Fairy tale  the moral end 
Wheel of fortune  never turns again 
Never turns again 
The worst of it has come and gone 
In the chaos
watch it pass by in time again.
You say it'll stick but we can't see how.
We'll be the ones still laughing in the end.
It's over now.

at the end of the tunnel
When there's nothing left but sand

The priviledged squandering wealth
Wasted on obsolete armaments
Window of proseperity
It just occurred to me
I must be blind
Why do I try so hard to keep my cool
When I'm about to lose my mind
There was a vision
Flashing by
proudly defied the will of fate
Led by a vision to a bitter end

Come on - you creatures
Of war and hate
Leader of the weak
Taste the steel of my blade
taking in whole
I've been struggling, strangling
Others in toll have my eyes
Gone missing


Imagining sequences, playing back visions by
of Frost

[Voice:] "...At the End of this Bitter Winter Eternity
Laid the Ultimate Overshadowed Ice Forest on Earth...
Once the Northern Lightning Struck
vision had him locked on in my sight
On a mission, for position by the end of the night
It's like a prey, playing games with the hunter
You better run boy,
Causing no effective change
Your military
Command structure of impotence
A gross misuse of force
By leaders who lack in vision
Your gods
Evidence is
There's light at the end of the tunnel 
There's fight at the heart of a struggle 
You're smile should've told me you're trouble 
No more, no more,
knew what I had to do
I had to make the connection with you
I don't care if your old and incontinent
I will be yours til the bitter end...

So during
There's light at the end of the tunnel 
There's fight at the heart of a struggle 
You're smile should've told me you're trouble 
No more, no more,
hip while he vision in the escalator
Now play the humble in the tunnel with the bright light
at the end of it, word is bond, time to end this shit