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inflation blues

By the time I get the payday the money's already gone
Someone's eatin' chicken all I git is the bones
My wife needs a new coat the kids
You got the lights on in the afternoon
And the nights are drawn out long
And you're kissing to cut through the gloom
With a cough drop coloured
On this coldest of January nights
We'll drive out past the runway
And watch the planes go flying by
The runway lights are the deepest blue like
Tuesday's here and I'll be waking up 
To another day filled with life's mistakes, 
And the ones that lingered from the day before. 
All the blanks
I met her on a Monday down at the blue star
Where we all hang out
I picked her up at work Tuesday afternoon
That night we were rockin' the town
blues goodbye
Breathe until I
Soar outside my crazy nights
And live the riviera life
I'll stop
Thank you for today
I'm sure that by
the blue line oh
He'd never let you down
You could tell by the look in his coal black eyes
That boy was glory bound
He could bring the home town to its
up a boulder
Hack up a boulder
Up a boulder

Now, one day, now I believe it was on a Tuesday, a man in
Jacks all day.
It's a patriotic scene, all that's missing is the Queen,
But she said she couldn't make it of a Tuesday.
Then something wells up here