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When lava pours out near the sea surface
Tremendous volcanic explosions sometimes occur
In time, sub-marine seamounts
Or islands, are formed
I undressed you with my eyes I have
Maybe even raped you
In a dark and eerie corner of my mind
I tucked you there
And touched you in a dream last
Careful what you say
This time of year
Tends to weaken me
And have a little decency
And let me cry in peace
But there's a place where I
to remember
The center is missing
They question how the future lies someone's eyes
The gentle collapsing
Of every surface
We travel on the quiet
are best expressed by nature
Like the song of a sun
We split our roads in a race to power
Like we split the atom

Is it only love that you favor?
You'll be sorry when the sun has roasted you to
Lobster red, nothing said
When yellow has turned green to brown, divide by four
Multiply by nine,
tucked in a pocket
While they place flags out on every surface.
What's to touch?
What's to see?
What's to smell?
What's to feel?
What's to hear?
to the surface
Of the Mariana's Trench
I won't send you in a cab when
I can take you there myself then steal a look
Over your shoulder at
The distant lights
to remember
The center is missing
They question how the future lies
In someone's eyes
The gentle collapsing
Of every surface
We travel on the quiet road
in a haste and by mistake got thrown away

And oh, I am so homesick
But it ain't that bad
'Cause I'm homesick for the home I've never had
Who knows how long I've been lost in the dark.Followed.
Closely by the footsteps of my failures.
What can I do to alter my perception of the way
don't need you 
Lies they won't surface 
Your mind it wanders on over 
Someone take on my mind 
I'm losin' you in time 
Maybe that man he's
Priceless is true love in a good woman's heart
You don't know how lucky you are

Just under the surface lie riches untold
More precious than diamonds more
a place they bury you 

Now we're lit up like a cathedral in our frozen concrete ruin 
And without her it might as well be the surface of the moon 

A naked eye conspires with fear
To form an idea
So destructive and insincere

Reared in the mind
But outside you'll find
That nature does not
The night of your children's day
Beneath the surface sealed by the floors boarded up
Seal the lips of your voice with haste
And cower at the sounds as they
for so long 

Twisting and turning 
I'm going for the same direction turning 
Misguided by imagination turning 
Underneath surface I rest 
She's got dinner on the table at seven
The kids are tucked in bed by nine-fifteen
And she's headed for a hotel at eleven
To meet a man her family's
Summer with the lights out 
Finds me in my parent's basement,
Watching bedroom movies. 
Pictures and holidays hang in the hall. 
Guided by
through all your surface
Just to find an empty pool
And to suffer all your pride as I lay down by your side
And you swallowed up my heart and left me
the ashes where sweeping around me
Falling deeper and deeper into dusk
Now I realize my soul was tainted (in disgrace)

So hard a surface, yet so easily
Non-physical smothering, asphyxiation by oxygen hands
Drowning in the endless sky. An ever-downward dive, only to surface
The sawage of indecision,
one time pounding on the wall now lulled to sleep by lowered voices
 Is waking

 Fight with little purpose
 Only meaning to scratch the surface
It's the night of the living dead
All the children are tucked in bed
With the full moon I have a date
In my lycanthropitic state
I am afflicted I
Westbound taken, exiled Texan
From a former Dutch trade encampment
Former slave quarters tucked by the alley
Serf population too high to tally