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[liner note:]
it's a typical cloudy day in canton, ohio, and the relient k boys are trying to score something to do.
matt t. gives dave's cell
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

I did my best to make it in the world
I plowed by sweat in tears into the fertile
Generation, generation, generated what
Pretty woman, don't walk on by
Pretty woman, don't make me cry
Pretty woman, don't walk away, Hey, O.K.
If that's the way it must be, O.K.

Lock the doors, turn off the lights,
Remove all your clothes!!!

::..Sergio Ramirez..:: a.k.a Glassjaw-Sparta
And by the way, would it be O.K., if we went our separate ways, just to see
I don't want to hide the truth, but I can see you through jaded eyes
To the children of today
Every mickle make a muckle 
If you know what I say
Don't be fooled by the fool
The trick that they play


And they know
Put on you that and coat and take
A walk down the street
I think you're bound to be surprised
By all the bodies you meet
The bowels
Ear to the ground keep one eye on the clock
The crew that's rising up this time
Ain't the N.K.O.T.B.
Don't wanna take a number not gonna
Stand in
It Blows Your Top, Whether It's Hip Or Not.

It's All The Same, Everything's O.K., So Many Ways To Live By !!

I Feel Fine, Whether It's
this truth uncompromised

Wait for a heart that never lies
But not this time
Watch those explosions in the sky and you'll go blind
But not this time
here to tell you the truth ... O.K. good. Ladies and gentlemen, if the reports that we are getting are correct, this could be it. Billy, if you're
the morning and I've only done one song
20k on champagne in the club, then 20k more just because
That's 40k in three hours but everybody watching my section
Cursed in converses, dead in Pro Keds
Now every Tom, Dick, Harry or Joe Smith
Skip the spauldings, pony's, and k-swiss
High school and college
Peace, this is Spike Lee
A.k.a. Shelton Jackson Lee
A.k.a. loving husband and father
Of Tonya and Satchel and Jackson
I'm here with De La Soul
talk I walk
It's Slim Thug, E.S.G., and my dog Big H.A.W.K.
Living laid in the shade, all dues been paid
To tell the truth we got it made, something
this good why fuck with it

I am Kapt'n K, the korruptor of youth
My word is gospel of the honest truth
I am the father of industrial rock
Positivity, that's my man
And to the one Godzillah, understands
The deep, Cole got the beat
And to the one that fit, is for the street
know de truth,
I'm doin' fine!
Decisions in a row,
An' only five on points;
De res' was all K.O.
Jackson an' Johnson,
Murphy an'
the truth if my body and hair is sacred 

Then why we can't be naked in public 

It's totally natural like sex is but this is 

A law that had to be
in the hospital ringin' the nurse's bell

Like ding I got hit (uh-huh) by two of rap's, most dangerous
E and P and they both had stainless

to preach about the wrong of the world 
It can't be changed by three girls 
On the trio tip we're not a proof of that trip 
Excuses that's the truth when
Armageddon (repeat 2X) 

Let me find out (find out) niggaz is noddin out 

Take some time out (time out) you wondered my whereabouts 

The truth is I
breeds new lifeforms inside his shoes

I am kapt'n K
The korruptor of youth
My word is gospel of the honest truth
I am the father of industrial rock
free, constricting by the motherfuckin' boundaries
An ounce of weed or an pound of dro
Couldn't place you on the planet where 
I'm transmitting life
And AIDS ain't the end of the world girls and us do kinky stuff 
And there's way to muff without the fluids touchin' 
Never hide the truth if my body