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Straight from columbia
Got da cubans on call like a nokia
Mr.17 5 get it by da field
Sell it by da batch
And you better pay me fast
Or I'll do you like
us singing (oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
(He turned around)
We've come this far by faith)

I will trust in the Lord (yes, I will)
I will trust in
Safe in the arms of Jesus safe on his gentle breast
There by his love o'ershaded sweetly my soul shall rest

Hark 'tis the voice of angels born in
trusts and he offers thanks to Him

Seasons change, barren fields will bloom again
Seasons change, gentle rains will fall
Seasons change, better days will
troops in 1863

now those battlefields are marked and paragraphed
And maintained by national park service trust

at night I walked through those fields
Mama plays a queen on the hill built on a dream
While the children play in the field
Papa smokes the pipe of a sweet and better life
But how
us singing (oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
(He turned around)
We've come this far by faith)

I will trust in the Lord (yes, I will)
I will trust in
Hark the voice of Jesus calling come and work for him today
The fields are white and the harvest falling come and work for him today
You've got
an asshole
Full of parole that go hand in hand
Fuck hot that's humidity
And you can't mix money with stupidity
Even though I get my coke from Columbia
I'm goin' down to the house in the woods
See my little darlin'
I'm goin' down, out in the fields
With summertime comin'

Oh my love, what can I
someone to believe in, someone to trust.
I need someone to believe in, someone to trust.

I'd rather trust a countryman than a townman,
You can judge by
Welcome to green fields of glory
Where people don't suffer from pain.
Slaves under blood and tormented by cruel tyranny

The march into permanent
Streams of goodly knights with red helmets
Very young, to be slained, they obey
In this land of myth and mystery
Stone by stone are marchin'
Leave the heart of the city
For the heart of the world
Leave the heart of this city
Love the way her trust unfurls

Follow her hand to the dark
Over the battle fields of all the great wars since the beginning of time
Have walked perhaps the bravest heroes of them all
The men known simply by
Hoping to find a relic such as a tomahawk an axe
Or even an arrowhead left by a race of long since vanished Indians
There's a great thrill and it's
for solitude and silence
And we found the places we could meet by the blue and glassy river
Under stars where the paper lanterns sway

[Lyrics by Thomas Karlsson]
[Music by Christofer Johnsson]

The caravan is close to enter
Inside the land of Punt
Rivers of gold and scented
Got what's left
Lost my rights when I was young
Taken by the
Ones I trust
Long before I knew of love
All the things I understood
Fighting for
Research, finding pathways in the seamless web
In black spaces between worlds, a field unknown
Repeat, endless mantras of the stored collective
Sense Field Heather you're so much more than a girlfriend in a town by the ocean, shall we pass another year I know you'd never leave me here in
by the filthy Christian tribe.
we drive them back to the fields of impurity.
let them die in their rotteness!

"Midnight paths are now
Douse the well with poison
Call me when it's done
Make sure there's no choice in all matters yet to come
Follow me through darkness and trust my
a ribbone to be side by side hand in hand not lesser then
Not greater then but just what heaven planned
Yes you see I am the rib

Many fields have I
By the fruit that it bears 
And from where I stand 
I see my field is yielding 

Wish we could sail away on an ocean 
Float away on midnight