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in your life
Can you ever get with this

(DJ Paul)
Hey yo kemosabe
I got hoes smokin' weed up in the lobby
Cocaine fills my body, like gotti
on you tricks
And you know we keep it money over bitches

My shit's phenomenal, droppin' like domino
Comin' with the real yo and fuck what you feel yo
Baby your the bosses girl
(I love to pay yo bills baby)
(It excites me! You know what I'm talking bout?)

Fresh limousines, tall
man turn to John Gotti
My daughter use a potty so she's older now
Educated street knowledge I'ma mold 'er now
Trick a little dough buyin young girls
it's done
Gotti you make that shit look easy, how it's done

Biggest year of my career
And I can feel the pressure, gotta follow up
Same time I can
the user
Selling drugs to all the losers, mad buddha abuser
But they don't know about your stress-filled day
Baby on the way mad bills to pay
That's why
[Chorus: x2]
M.O.B., n**** 'cause we mob on you tricks
and you know we keep it money over b****es

Thugs known to bust on sight
God bless my
they put us in the cage
Rule' and Gotti america's most wanted to many..
Come and get me!!! (Pretty soon ya gonna pay)
I gots to pay bills
And these niggaz can't stand me
Got this ho that said she wanna suck my dick for candy
Gotta watch out for these dope fiends cause
gotta turn these Boys II Men
Naughty By Nature, cause by nature I'm naughty
Fool, you better ask somebody

Yo-Yo, 199-Trey
Givin' a knock-out
the llelo lay low
Saying in my mind 
Fuck that papi gotta pay off
Cash rules the Power-Wu chant it
Yo Louis this ain't our product
This is Carlos family
Tell It you too nice
All you want to do is lick her pussy and hit her bare
She want to fuck with a nigga that don't really care
Yo gotti hit the bitch
on my feet like a kick from Jack D
That you did not expect, now there's pain in your neck
Shake it off, yo, you gon' live
Just pay more attention
Watch me!
Jigga-Man, ya heard?  Boom boom boom
Brooklyn, ya heard?  Boom boom booom
Gotti Gotti ya heard?  Yo,

You gotta, pop that
Watch me!
Jigga-Man, ya heard?  Boom boom boom
Brooklyn, ya heard?  Boom boom booom
Gotti Gotti ya heard?  Yo,

You gotta, pop that
want to squig what I squg when I squig it
So dig it
I'm wicket
And ain't nothin like cheap sex,love is free
But a bitch gotta pay me
Ain't nothin goin
really is
Built pyramids, ground up from the streets
It’s that Q talk serious

Yo, see I’m a student of a game how I pay attention
You so poor that
got tricks in the stash
Stacking up the cash
Fast when it comes to the gas
By no means average
As almost she's got the heaven
Baby, you're a perfect
she want the nigga with the big, fat nuts
A man is measured by the things that he has
And if you ain't got shit
Well I guess you ain't shit, unless
Don't need no shows
No blow by blows
Oh no
Gotta get some love
Get some of that love
Pay out, pay out
Got to give me all you've got
Live nice, no
the block 
Now I gotta whole thang
And you betta put a low jack on yo hoe mane

Shawty stupid dumb thick I just call her red
Now that I think about it maybe I
bleeders Leaving yo neighborhoods good and bloody we gripping that woola buddy sit back and scope it 
Pay attention the prince been pushing everything up
[Talking: Yo Gotti]
I'm a North Memphis Survivor...Survivor
I'm a North Memphis Survivor...I'm a young nigga, money and power
I'm a North Memphis
Hey Gotti, Hey Chuck
How the fuck we gon' keep droppin this fire on these niggaz?
Know what I'm saying we killin' 'em on the radio
Then we jump
Yo, yo, Wu-Tang Clan, still fatter
Off the datas, for, my father gonna get home by now
And Uncle Justice, we gotta hurry up
Do this video, Wu-Tang