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Obeying worthless idols
The prophets prophesied
Manifesting omens
Delusions of their minds
Claiming total wisdom
Knowledge from above
up above eternal mists,
Heavens lie at feet of mine,

Wandering the sky I see transformed Christ,
Whose head I'm holding in my hand.
Is it
what an artist should be
Should they be someone with prosperity
And no concept of reality?

Now, who you know without any flaws?
That lives above
I love to smoke, I smoke seven thousand packs a day, okay?
And I am never fucking quitting I don't care how many laws they make
What's the law now?
ever ever hurt a God then we gotta do away with the
Don't ever do somethin you'll regret
Do away with all these goody goody law abiding
Parody of รข??The Real Slim Shady" originally performed by Eminem
May I have your repentance please?
May I have your repentance please?
Will you tell
the first space
Shuttle blasts off but as winter descends so does the
Chilling news of martial law in Poland.
1982 Argentina invades Falklands, Speilberg
tippy toes for the flow
Stay low key like midget doorknobs
Stay above the law like Judge Judy giving blow jobs
Satisfaction, three out of four Braxtons
You can reach into your pocket
While I reach into my mind
Clarity is so divine
We just single the design
The physical we inherit
By visions on TV