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Liebe Lebt: Das Beste von Mireille Mathieu (Mireille Mathieu) · Tournée: Un Film De Mathieu Amalric (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Mireille Mathieu (Mireille Mathieu) · French Do It Better, Vol. 4 (Mixed by Mathieu Bouthier) (Hutchinson, Hutch)

The beauty of this creature could only be equaled by
The extent of its paradox only be equaled by
Because it wanted two things
of the void was scared
By shapeless horns – Satan's galaxy
Seeing through five triangular shapes

We are so close to this dimension
As the center erects
I want to be a transparency 
Live my life so that you can see Elohim
No longer see a little boy in his teens 
Getting by tryin' to fit in like
I must go, but finally stayed

Gloria, the last taboo
Was shattered by her tongue one night
Mimi brought the taboo back
And held it up before
to show 

I repent now for the sins of generations. I repent now.
I repent now with a soul stained by damnation, I repent now.
"How can anyone
the stream, artefacts of what I

Read the signs on the trees,
Written by golden leaves
Winds are howling their serenades,
Ancient chants singing all