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Coltrane and her cosmic strains
Still no vocal on blue black horizons

Your plasticity is tested by a formless assault
The sun can answer questions in
Like Miles Davis, I've been swayed by the cool
There's just something 'bout the summertime, there's just something 'bout the moon
So I laid a kiss
up into the sky/ Miles Davis blows a horn 
Look into the bleachers/ It's Bill Clinton sellin popcorn
so now we jump! and we have a celebration!
Davis, that Bitches Brew, that "beeeyatch" said by Playboy Too

This is jazz, this is funk, this is soul, this is gospel
This is sanctified sex, this is
of chickens, not a miles away
For the last fifteen years, I been reppin' my state
I knew the real DJ Screw sip grape by the case
Eight's over ice straight