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the train blow

Write me a letter send it by mail
Send it in care of the Birmingham jail
(Write me a letter containing three lines)
Answer my question will
some time
Thought I might go on by when your memory came flooding in and you closed that door

Wish I was a freight train, baby
Wish I was a diesel
Used to stop outside o' my door
But now the milk train doesn't stop by here anymore

Now I still
Hey, you guys ready?
One, two, three, one, two, three

Train roll on, on down the line,
Won't you please take me far, far away.
Now I feel the wind
(Hey, did you hear that?)
Yeah, just get the fuckin' door

Limos, demos and bimbos
(Hey, slow this motherfucker down, man)
Limos, demos and bimbos
(Hey did you hear that?)
Yeah just get the fuckin' door! [car door opens and closes]

Limos, demos and bimbos! (Hey slow this motherfucker down
whistle strain
Then disappear down the line, on that black train
Nobody knows just where my baby went
Three lonely years oh and I ain't seen her since
at I and I can't stand it
Wanna be down with the Day-Glo
Knocking on my door, saying, "a yo yo"
Knocking on my door, saying, "a yo yo"
"I got a funky
Me and That Train
by Patty Larkin 
It was Me And That Train
One night in Colorado
Driving out of Denver
I was following a shadow 

ejecting your demo (your demo) 

Stretch lamborghinis with four doors, with four floors 

Followin right behind yours, basic Continental 

Get out your
The Double A down to Sheridan Square 
Her cell phone rings 
It's, like, her stupid father 
Be in the door by ten, again 

Dream deep my
the way it goes
Where was it you lived in case I'm ever there
Well, three doors down and two behind
And it gets a little bit out of hand sometimes
You take the train from Yuma,
Down to Mexicali,
And by the crack of midnight
You've got that border town fever,

Well down in Madam Woo's cafe
Coming to you baby on a midnight train 
I'll be knocking on your door, I'll be calling out your name 
You don't need to worry, it'll be alright 
From a timeless rail leaves a train to the stars
Blue of sad tunes filtering the door
Introducing the loveless down
Emptied hearts pass me by
lost control of you hair
Yesterday you were shot for a magazine cover
Fatigue swapped your body build with all urge and by the door
You heard demo's
Down under the street
My friend
Poor Cherokee Louise

Ever since we turned 13
It's like a minefield
Walking to the door
Going out you get the 3
fickle mind
I know she' lovin' someone
Somewhere down the line
I know that she still has a key
I'm waiting by the door
But that train don't stop here
found a skeleton tooth in the junk drawer
And I mean to open the folding green and white door
And take a late train to my lost love
Faster, hammers!
love waits at the window
My love waits by the door
The curtains are drawn
Who'll sound the alarm?

It's the madman singing down in the alley
Of eighty nine they envision me 
Warm days and the cold beer chemistry 
Eventually broken up by responsibilities and such 
Sometimes this era mentally I
of eighty nine they envision me 
Warm days and the cold beer chemistry 
Eventually broken up by responsibilities and such 
Sometimes this era mentally I
long I'm going crazy"

And as the sun went down we ended up on the ground
I heard the train shake the windows
You screamed over the sound
And as we
But she's everything to me
Cause my whole world lies waiting behind door number three 

Oh Monty, Monty, Monty, I am walking down your hall
played drums
And I hummed the sax
And the wind whistled down
The railroad tracks

Hey three for a quarter
One for a dime
I'll bet it's tomorrow
By Rocky