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And at the crown of the mike, I 
flash a 
danger sign 'Cause I'm the thrilla of Manila, M.C. cold-killa Drink 
Budweiser, cannot stand Miller M.C.s cold-clockin'
This nigga fucked up motherfucking Whitaker
Dang, he caught Whitaker
He caught Whitaker a long time ago
Mike got touched
Then Mike got touched by
The yearbook advertised for months, but when it’s said and done
Crissie bought six, the third most of anyone
Alvin got “Your Faith in Me” by Jessica Simpson
Germans from escaping.)

"I don't think it was wrong."
OLIVER NORTH (Regarding the trading of weapons for hostages, in what came to be known
HIS word penetrates deep then generate heat like nuclear fission
I aim straight for the lost, how can a shooter miss ‘em?
Put a cap on the cross